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Ich Her task are proofreading and scanproofing (and complaining if there isn’t enough work for her). Our Pixel-Ich was totally overwhelmed when she joint our convos on skype for the first time (BEWARE massive SPAM) and had a hard time surviving it at the beginning but after some time she got used to it (as any other member too)! Right now she’s in australia so you’ll only see her from time to time on the credit pages.

Inulie She is one of our fast cleaners. Inulie is a friend of Sapphire_fox and was interested in our little group after she saw one of our (thousand messages) conversations on skype. Shortly after that she joined us as a trial cleaner and was accepted after three days as a full-fledged member. Currently she’s visiting  japan (and will bring us new projects~), so she’s unable to clean anything right now.

Illesor She’s a chinese translator and maybe the next victim to some online games Estoriel mentioned (and we do hope that demon Estoriel will stop any discussion about games to not distract her from translating…)!

Neko A chinese translator who was found and kidnapped by Tsukiko and dragged into our group~ She’ll help us out if we’re short on translators (you can bribe her easily with cookies) and will provide us some RAWs.

Zeroreika She’s our first (and very fast!) japanese translator and in charge of most of our japanese projects (visit our project page now and look at all the japanese projects, amazing, right~)! Because of this she was nicknamed as the goddess of translations by Estoriel.

Shorty A vagrant cleaner who’s always looking for work. Simply showed up at the Cave one day. Prone to violent motivational swings and falling off the face of the earth.

OriginalityUnavailable Our first korean translator, cleaner, occasional typesetter and proofreader! He joined us to keep his editing skills intact and to help giving back to the scanlating community.

Demetrii is our new color page cleaner (mainly for Automata). She’s doing an awesome job and works at lightning speed!

Ruha is our new chinese translator and is working on Bloodline. Sadly Tsukiko can’t scan as fast as Ruha translates!!

Snowz He applied suddenly…so suddenly that Estoriel couldn’t start recruiting before he applied (Estoriel intended to start recruiting but the application was sent before he could press the send button on the Batoto forum)! Snowz is our second color page cleaner for Automata and helps Demetrii so she won’t get overworked!

Megamicchi  is our newest lab assistent addition and new victim (stroked) of the evil scientist Ich. Micchi’s in charge of typesetting when she’s not busy doing Ich’s homework or eating popcorn while something interesting happens inside the cave. She’s also called by many different names inside the cave (curse the members bad habit of using nicknames…).


New (Trial) Members


Cave Tasks: Typesetter

Weapon of choice: Chainsaw

Note: She currently holds the “Kill-Sinros-Multiple-Times-a-Day” record!


Cave Tasks: Proofreader


Cave Tasks: Proofreader


Cave Tasks: Typesetter/Cleaner


Cave Tasks: German Proofreader


Cave Task: Typesetter/Cleaner/Proofreader


Cave Task: Proofreader/Newbie Typesetter


Cave Task: Typesetter


Cave Task: Webcomic cleaner

Title: Puppy Wolf Mosquito

Retired Staff



Level: 350

Title: Icecarrot, Angel of CS, Founding Member

Occupation: Legendary Snowhoarder

Weapon of choice: Carrot

Cave Tasks: Chinese Translator, Proof reader & RAW Provider

Ice is one of the Cave Founders and she loved giving nicknames, so much so, that by the end, everyone was completely confused about each other’s identities! She was forced into retirement because of school, but back when the Cave was in its infancy, she was our most reliable and fastest translator! (Notice how none of the staff is looking towards the King of Laziness, Soul’s direction right now…) When the Demon Lord erupted the first time to slay … ehm … I mean to punish the King of Laziness, Ice was there and gladly helped the Lord deliver divine retribution all over Soul’s sorry ass.


Level: 170

Title: Founding Member

Occupation: Assassin

Weapon of choice: Passport

Cave Tasks: RAW Provider & Cleaner

Inulie, a friend of Sapphire_fox and was interested in our little group after she saw one of our many (thousand message long) conversations on Skype. Shortly after that she joined us as a trial cleaner and was approved a mere three days later as a fully-fledged, card-carrying member of the Cave. She was forced to retire while away long term in Japan, but being the kind soul she is, she still managed to bring all of the Wizardry Zeo volumes back for us. Now she’s in university which keeps her too busy for cleaning.

Other Retired Cavies

Ryh, Spazz, Jiazhen, xyuichan, Scatter, Amu, Yuki, cphungus, Andy, TheRennieMonster, Xijadeku, Mango25, Shii, Locrex, Catnip, Thieyisun, Yurei, Scarlett, Fintim, Feenix, Locrex, Raygiemay, Sherryx (IG Novel Vol. 1 Translator)

Retired German Branch Members

Kanna, Gonrhyn, Lelli


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