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1. Can we host your projects? And is there a waiting period?

Normally we say yes (this was changed due to continued uploads of files we intended to see only on our website), as long as it isn’t a manga aggregation website like mangafox, mangahere, mangareader or (manga aggregation websites are websites which collect and host many manga online) because they don’t remove licenced manga and make a lot of profit from it. We do allow to host our releases (cuz they remove the projects if the scanlator ask them to). All projects which we release as PDF’s or Flash files (FAQ about flash releases further down) only: Please don’t host them anywhere. We’ll upload them (if we intend to) on batoto only. We don’t have any waiting periods.

For more informations on the mangafox/mangahere issue you can visit the batoto forum, they have a nice thread:


And here some more informations from us and alternative websites:


2. Does CS scan licenced manga?

Nope. Scanlations exist to share manga which aren’t available in your country or in english language to make them known, they are no replacement for a printed version. If you like a manga please buy a printed copy to support the artist and the publisher! If one of our projects get licenced we’ll take them down from our servers and Batoto.

3. Would CS be interested in a joined project?

As long as our staff likes the project and we’ve enough people to work on it, we would love to do joined projects. Just contact us via e-mail~

4. Why do you release so slow?

Because we don’t have enough staff and all our staff members have a real life as well, family, jobs, school, highschool or apprenticeships and so on. But if you want faster releases you can help us out by applying or finding some people who are capable to (and kidnap them for us, after that please send them to our cave via express mail~).

5. When do you release xxx (insert project name here)?

As soon as we’re done with the chapter (*points upwards*). You can also look on the projects page on our website. If you spot ‘typesetting’ or ‘scanproofing’ behind a chapter the release should be in 1 to 3 days (if we’re not that busy with rl or low on staff). But you can always ask us directly in our chatbox as well.

6. Where can I download/read your chapters?

You find all download links behind each chapter on the projects page. We also provide a link to our own online manga reader and you can find a link to on the right side (navigation bar) under ‘other websites’.

7. I’m from another scanlation group and we would like to release PDF/Flash files, can you help us with that (and maybe host it for us)?

Sure, just send us an e-mail and we help you (and host it for free)!^^

8. I can’t download a file/the link is broken what shall I do?

In that case pls leave a comment or write in our shoutbox and inform us which project and chapter it is, so we can fix the link.

9. I’m from another scanlation group and I want to translate one of your projects into another language (e.g. spanish or french), can we use your translations?

Just send us an e-mail and ask us! Depending on the situation we also share our RAWs and cleans as long as you keep our credit page intact.

12. Why are some of your uploads on Batoto not listed on the main page/in my followed manga list?

Because we upload them as ‘archived’ chapters to avoid them being found by the mangafox/here bot and getting them ripped from Batoto and uploaded on these aggregator websites! But if we release on our website the new chapter will be added some days up to around a week after we released it here. This especially will be the case for some of our flash releases.

11. If I have any question which isn’t answered here, where can I ask?

Either send us an e-mail (look at our recruitment page for it) or just ask us in our chatbox.


Flash release FAQ

1. The text in a chapter is too small, what can I do?

If the text is too small click on the page you want to zoom in, after that if you use your mouse wheel you can zoom further in!

2. I use an ipad and can’t see the chapter.

Apple didn’t install a program to see any flash files so you’ve to download one yourself. There is a free version from Adobe as well, to see which program fits your needs the most you better do a quick google search but here are some links:

3. Why isn’t the download button working?

The reason is stated here.


Cave Scanlation PDF release FAQ

1. Where can I find the CS PDF’s?

You can find them in here.

2. I would like to see something specific in your PDF (e.g. a PS tutorial about a text effect), is that possible?

Yep, just request it either by posting a comment on our website or sending us an e-mail and we’ll consider it.


Where can I find your Halloween Game of 2012?

You can find the Halloween Game and all instuctions here:



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