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The server is back online again (hope it will stay like this!!) and ch 6+7 of Automata are out now!^^

Visit us at:


New releases: Automata ch 24+Scratch!! ch 5+ Satou-kun ch 4


Our server is down for maintanance and some new installations. We’ll use this website as long as it’s not done and keep you updated.


New Releases:

-Automata prologue in german (joint with YingYang Scans)

-UP ch 60

-Automata ch 5

-Bloodline ch 3

-kaijidou vol 1 ch 1

-KnH vol 2 ch 1

-HAL ch 2

You find them on this website:

Yeah, as you read in the title, our server is down again. I already contacted our website hoster Demens as soon as I saw it.

I’ll keep you updated!

If you want to read WZ ch 2 you can do that on, if you prefer a download please wait some hours till our website is up again.

Edit: The server (it was a new one..) was damaged so this ause dteh downtime but now it’s back online.

Edit 2: It’s down again…  The website hoster is installing something new to the server, so hopefully it won’t crash again.

Edit 3: online and working smoothly!

Our server is down again… We’re moving our server now, it’ll take around 10 hours before it’s online again, so exspect the new YnK release around 10 h from now on (if all goes smoothly), else it’ll be up tomorrow!



Edit: Our website is back online!

Yesterday our website hoster suffered a heavy server crash so our website was down for some hours. But now it’s back and we didn’t lost any data as it seems! We’re sorry for the inconvenience but if something similar ever happens in the future, we’re using this backup website for any annoucements.

Our newest releas is Wizardry Zeo ch 2!

Our new server just crashed down and our website hoster is trying to fix it!

As long as we’ve this problem you can’t access our website and most of our downloads, pls wait patiently as soon as it’s fixed we’ll inform you!

Yesterday we released the 3rd chapter of Black Warriors you can read it on while we’re still fixing the website. You can find nearly all our releases there (except Yoiko no Kokoroe).

BW ch 3 downlaod links:


We’ll continue releasing, so if we’ve anything done and the website is stil not up, we’ll announce it here and provide the links!

For anyone who overread it till now:

We moved to a new website with our own online reader (you find it under other websites–>online reader). If you want to know how far we are with a projects new release you can always visit the projects page to see it! (last steps before any release are typesetting and scanproofing, so as soon as you spot this you can be sure we’ll release very soon!)

The latest release is YnK ch 4!

If you’ve any questions you can either leave a comment or write in our chatbox (new website). We still update our releases in this post but all download links are on the new website!

New website:

Our translators are back from their holiday journeys and we can finally present you the first chapter of Infinity Game! You can either read it on our online reader or download it as a .rar file. Enjoy it~

Further more we have some other plans for some special releases but what it is will remain a secret for now.  We’re still recruiting (urgently) chinese to english translators and japanese to english translators. Furthermore we accept two or three proofreader, one to two cleaners and one typesetter. You find more informations on our recruitment page.

Our new website:

Onlinereader of Cave Scanlations

Download on depositfiles or on megaupload

We’re still recruiting more translators (especially chinese to english) for our projects. Basically our cleaners are faster then our translators (who are in other countries because they have holidays right now and are unable to translate) and if we get the translations much faster we can release up to two chapters of IG ASAP. So if you want faster releases and can help us out or know someone who can, please take a  look at our recruitment page.