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Have you ever wondered what the Demonlord is like when he’s at home in his own Dungeon deep in the bowels of his huge castle? How about discovering the sordid hobbies of Rex, our shovel loving, professional gender-bender and Grand Master of the Kim Dazzi Cult. Perhaps you’d like to get some tips on effective torturing… whups… I mean *experimentation* from our resident expert and evil scientist, Ich who regularly colloborates with Estoriel to create strange creatures. Maybe you want to know why Tsukiko is always surrounded by piranha? Come meet Sinros, trainer of Ninja-cats, Tima, the elite Ninja-stalker and Ri, the demon-glomper at the Cave’s Halloween RP event, being held on Thursday, October 31st at CET/GMT+1 at 1pm (13:00); all access data will be posted on Halloween in an extra post when it starts!
Just because we aren’t above bribery, the Cave Staffers will have Halloween treats to give away too! Illustrations and drawings, short project previews, links to some Automata drawings and more are all meant to entice you into our grasp (and lead you deeper and deeper into hell…ehm the cave from where you can’t escape… alive…)!
Who knows, if you let slip that you can translate Japanese, Korean or Chinese or that you have even the tiniest bit of interest in cleaning or typesetting, Tsuki’s pet piranhas may grab hold and never let you surface again! *rubbing her hands together!* Provided that you don’t enter a secret lab… or get buried alive by Rex…. or worse… end up as a sacrifice on the Demonlord’s dinner table.


Tsukiko & Estoriel


Today we bring you something special! Tsukiko and I worked on this in secret (not even the other members knew about it *except if they saw the tiny link to Selkins blog*) between the other projects and we’re now done with translating and proofing. It was a lot of fun working on this despite taking a lot more time than translating and proofing a manga. I don’t want to spoiler the story so I just say that the story is about the Grim Reaper and his past. We really liked the story and will continue to translate some nice stories written by Selkin in the future. After I spoke  a bit more with Selkin in privat she told me that her next project will be a longer fantasy novel~

To support her more, we added her link, if you like her stories please stop your ad blocker for a few seconds to support her!

Link to Selkins story.

Now that we’ve one story translated, I’ll put up another page for all novel translations. You’ll find the Infinity Game novel there too as soon as we’re done proofing (the whole first volumes novel pages are done translating)!