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Category Archives: Oneshot

Today, we’ve a horror webcomic oneshot release for you which we worked on alongside our other projects. Special thanks to Dan who kindly let us use his translations for this release. There will be two more oneshots coming out around Halloween~ Take this one as a little teaser for Halloween!

You can download it in our oneshot dl folder here or read it on Batoto (will be posted there later today).


This was one of the most enjoyable joints we did so far and we hope to work again with Titania and Fuyu no Yo in the future on something! Please visit their websites as well to say thank you (a french version will be released by Fuyu no Yo as well), eveyone did an amazing job on this joint!^~^

You can download the Oneshot here.

I swear, the hidden main character is actually the cat!

Today we’ve some news regarding the new Kusanagi-sensei Oneshot which we mentioned previously here!

We’ll work together with Titania Scanlations and Fuyu no Yo on the oneshot~ Because all groups have many Kusanagi fans and we all love working on her projects, we ganged up on the poor project happily decided to do a triple joint! It’s our first joint together and we’re really looking forward to working with Titania and Fuyu no Yo!^^

Here’s another Weiß chapter for you, enjoy~

You can read online on Batoto or download here.

Support the artist by visiting their Naver page so that Weiß will turn into an official webcomic~


Do you remember the last YnK chapter release where we wrote “We would love to work on another of her series though and hope we get a chance to do so!”? Our prayer was heard in form of a new Oneshot! We’ve already ordered the RAWs and will definitely start working on it as soon as it’s delivered~ *our Shadow Boss Tsukiko is already stalking the postman!* And our translator zeroreika will put all her work down to get it done as fast as possible.

Next release: Probably Wizardry Zeo, Timeline, Scratch!! or Kamitoki no Resist (and depending when Mr. postman shows up the Oneshot)


We’re recruiting:

– Japanese translators

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel and Infinity Game vol 2; urgent)

– Novel proofreader

– Korean translators

– Color page cleaner (webcomics)

– cleaner (experienced one who’s good at redrawing, urgent)