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Today we have a PDF with the bonus novel story from KNM that was included with the manhua. Don’t forget to say thanks to the japtem team for translating this chapter! The PDF includes the novel chapter, the Q&A sections and also the drawings of the characters. Because CS is a bit short on Chinese translators (they are swamped with our multitudes of other manhua projects and the IG novel) right now, we’ll release a second version with the translated Q&A section at a later date. So for now, you’ll find the original Chinese text on these pages (we cleaned and redrew it all in advance though too~).

Download the PDF here


Translations (Novel Story): Japtem

Other translators: Annie

Cleaner+PDF: Estoriel


Life is as crazily busy as always, and the surgeries have thrown the whole release schedule of track; the amount of tasks are growing by the minute, the mails and the website have to be taken care of and so on so forth… An endless pile of work to battle! Tsukiko is also very busy atm, so with both admins fighting rl stuff, we’ve  a lot to catch up on (Slower than planned as well because the next surgery appointment is on Monday, so I’ll get as much done as possible before that!) Huge thanks to Rexenik who made the previous update post whilst in college to keep you informed (And the existence of mobile phones so I could ask Rex to make said post…XD)! Automata won’t be affected from this though, and we’ll also get our regular releases of Timeline and Weiß out, but the Japanese and Chinese projects will suffer a lot from this.

The next release will be Kamitoki no Resist, HAL and Kaijidou should also follow soon, also Wizardry Zeo needs some translation checks before it’s ready for typesetting. We’ve also a bunch of Under Prin chapters prepared so as soon as the German typesets are done, these chapters will be released. Ixion Saga is still being proofed and is nearly done cleaning, the same goes for Satou-kun. Because of the delays we’ll be focusing on these projects first before we continue with our progress on Kill No More (no need to hurry ‘cuz EGS already released the first few chapters and our other projects are in dire need of updates after all!). We haven’t been able to get in touch with Aquarion Scans admin for a while, so if we don’t receive an e-mail from them soon we’ll pass the task of translating KnH onto one of our Japanese translators so that’ll also get an update (The joint then will take place starting with the next chapter provided that Aquarion Scans isn’t too busy. We checked their website and saw that their main project, Oresama Teacher, also hasn’t been updated in a while, so we don’t know what’s going on over there right now… >.<“). Bloodline’s translator is still on hiatus due to rl, but as soon as he’s back (or a Chinese translator volunteers) we’ll release the next chapter (At least half has been translated so far). Scratch!! also will resume with the help of our Russian friends from Yorokobi Team (previously known as Kinoko Translations) and has been sent to Paradise Love Scanlations for typesetting.


Today we’ve another Weiß chapter for you, enjoy~

You can read Weiß online on Batoto or download here.

Support the artist by visiting their Naver page so that Weiß will turn into an official webcomic~


We’re still recruiting:

– Japanese translators

– Chinese translator

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel and Infinity Game vol 2; urgent)

– Novel proofreader

– Korean translators

– cleaner 

– colour page cleaner (with redrawing experience) for Under Prin

This is to let all our loyal readers, staff and joint partners know that the issue with the apparent infiltration attempt by EGS into our forum has been resolved to both group’s satisfaction.

All other posts regarding this issue will be taken down.

We would appreciate that you refrain from any commentary/action that would undermine the hard-won and valued peace that has be initiated between the groups please.

Not long ago we contacted Japtem with a joint proposal regarding the bonus story included in the Kill No More manhua because they are already translating the novel version of KNM (if you didn’t check it out yet here’s the link), and they agreed~ The translations will be posted after vol 8 because it contains a spoiler!^^ Though with the amazing release speed it probably won’t take them long to finish vol 8…XD

We just saw that EGS released Kill No More, which we have had on our list for a long time, and had bought the RAWs for a few weeks ago… Well, we already bought two volumes and they weren’t cheap, so we’ll scanlate it regardless (at least these mentioned two volumes) and won’t drop it. Enjoy either or both releases.