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This is the last chapter which was included in the vol 1 manhua. The previous translator went MIA and we urgently need a chinese novel translator (vol 2 only has one chapter!) to finish the second volume, if you’re interested or know someone who could help us, please contact us via e-mail (!

Enjoy the new chapter~


Here’s the next and fourth chapter of the novel pages in the first volume of Infinity Game. The next chapter is the last in this volume and we’ll try to get it out around the end of the month, but don’t expect it to be much sooner, novels are a lot of work, y’know?? T_T

Read it by clicking this thing~


We’re still recruiting:

– Japanese translators

– Chinese translator

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel and Infinity Game vol 2; urgent)

– Novel proofreader

– Korean translators

– cleaner

It’s a bit later than we actually planned due to some complications with the translations (we had to get in contact with a second translator regarding some words and sentences which took a while) and unexpected illness of our proofreader Rexenik (he’s better now and continues on with his way of overworking himself again!).

Here’s the new chapter, enjoy~


We’re still recruiting:

– Japanese translators

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel and Infinity Game vol 2; urgent)

– Novel proofreader

– Korean translators

– Color page cleaner (webcomics)

– Cleaner (experienced one who’s good at redrawing, urgent)

Here’s our Christmas present for you: a new Infinity Game novel chapter. We also intend to get the next Bloodline chapter out today (or tomorrow because we’ve a technical issue on one members side and can’t fix it in time).

We’re also still searching for a chinese novel translator for the second volume of the IG novel!


Next releases: Bloodline, Timeline, Weiß, YnK & Wizadry Zeo

Today we’ve a special “double Ai Ou” release!

One new chapter of Bloodline and the first chapter of the Infinity Game novel which was part of the manhua volumes. If you read the manhua releases you’ll notice that the novel is focusing on the first users of the Bloodline book. But for anyone who wants to see IG’s main character Long Wei again: He’s appearing in the new Bloodline chapter~ Together with the secret sidecharacter the (“talking”) strawberry (yeah the staff members are still fond of strawberry-san). With this Infinity Game and Bloodline slowly start to connect to each other.

Well onto the releases!

Bloodline vol 1 chapter 4 (exe file); Read online on Batoto (delay of 12 h after this post)

Infinity Game novel chapter 1

Note: As soon as all novel pages of volume 1 are released, we’ll make a PDF of it so you can download it in one file (also including some drawings by Ai Ou which he did for the novel pages).

Edit: The broken link to Selkins blog is fixed now.


We’re still recruiting:

– chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Japanese translators (urgently as always)

– Korean translators for some new webcomics we intend to pick up (urgent) 

-RAW provider for “Kill no more” (manhua) -> we’re still having problems purchasing them and we will reimburse you



-color page cleaner (for above mentioned webcomics)

Have you ever wondered what the Demonlord is like when he’s at home in his own Dungeon deep in the bowels of his huge castle? How about discovering the sordid hobbies of Rex, our shovel loving, professional gender-bender and Grand Master of the Kim Dazzi Cult. Perhaps you’d like to get some tips on effective torturing… whups… I mean *experimentation* from our resident expert and evil scientist, Ich who regularly colloborates with Estoriel to create strange creatures. Maybe you want to know why Tsukiko is always surrounded by piranha? Come meet Sinros, trainer of Ninja-cats, Tima, the elite Ninja-stalker and Ri, the demon-glomper at the Cave’s Halloween RP event, being held on Thursday, October 31st at CET/GMT+1 at 1pm (13:00); all access data will be posted on Halloween in an extra post when it starts!
Just because we aren’t above bribery, the Cave Staffers will have Halloween treats to give away too! Illustrations and drawings, short project previews, links to some Automata drawings and more are all meant to entice you into our grasp (and lead you deeper and deeper into hell…ehm the cave from where you can’t escape… alive…)!
Who knows, if you let slip that you can translate Japanese, Korean or Chinese or that you have even the tiniest bit of interest in cleaning or typesetting, Tsuki’s pet piranhas may grab hold and never let you surface again! *rubbing her hands together!* Provided that you don’t enter a secret lab… or get buried alive by Rex…. or worse… end up as a sacrifice on the Demonlord’s dinner table.


Tsukiko & Estoriel

Today we bring you something special! Tsukiko and I worked on this in secret (not even the other members knew about it *except if they saw the tiny link to Selkins blog*) between the other projects and we’re now done with translating and proofing. It was a lot of fun working on this despite taking a lot more time than translating and proofing a manga. I don’t want to spoiler the story so I just say that the story is about the Grim Reaper and his past. We really liked the story and will continue to translate some nice stories written by Selkin in the future. After I spoke  a bit more with Selkin in privat she told me that her next project will be a longer fantasy novel~

To support her more, we added her link, if you like her stories please stop your ad blocker for a few seconds to support her!

Link to Selkins story.

Now that we’ve one story translated, I’ll put up another page for all novel translations. You’ll find the Infinity Game novel there too as soon as we’re done proofing (the whole first volumes novel pages are done translating)!

The plugin doesn’t work as it should so I added the direct link instead.

Vote here:

Yeah, we had only problems over the last weeks with the server, so now we move to a new website hoster. We don’t know how long it all takes so meanwhile we’ll use this old website in case we release something!^^

We won’t use the website on the hcpsgc servers any longer and the website will be gone in 24 hours so if you want to downlaod some chapters please hurry. Our new website can be found on when we’re done. If we release anything new in that time we’ll make  a post here with download links.

Edit: Meanwhile we transfered the old posts+pages here, please note that all flash+PDF releases aren’t uploaded on this website (will be on the new one), but you’ve at least some of the downloads available!^^

Edit2: Server moved and up working! From now on please visit:! We’ll work on the flash+PDF files next so they are readable again.

New release: Automata prologue in german (joint with YingYang Scans), will be uploaded on Batoto today and their website. Download links will be available on our website when more chapters are done as a bundle (on the new server).

A couple of days ago when the Demonlord should have been industriously studying for his final exams, he was happily skipping through the internet and found himself on one of the large manga aggregate sites. You can imagine his shock and fury to find one of our most recent releases splashed up on their website, all our credit pages, recruitment pages and art contest winner pages heartlessly stripped away. It’s taken Kinoko, Rexenik and Tsukiko days to clean the Cave up after the Demonlord’s rampage.

He has vowed that all releases, with the exception of Under Prin, will henceforth be released in flash format with a delayed release on

What’s the Demonlord blowing a gasket about now? Flash releases? Is he crazy? Why should you care? Let me take a moment of your time and explain it to you. You should care.

Manga aggregate sites, particularly those owned by NOEZ make huge amounts of money off the mangakas, the publishers and the free labour of the scanlators through very unethical, unprofessional and dishonorable business practises. NOEZ uses bots to rip fresh manga releases that scores of people have spent weeks and months working on without regard for honouring delay periods, without abiding by scanlator requests to pull manga titles that publishers have purchased licenses for or even simply asking for scanlators’ permission for the releases first. The loving attention to detail and quality the mangkas and scanlators pour into their work is destroyed in mere moments when the manga aggregate sites start reducing image quality and slapping their watermarks willy-nilly all over the place as if they owned the work. NOEZ sites have even gone so far as to under-handedly promote themselves as the translators/scanlators in social media sites and engaging in DDoS with those who attempt to publicly express their discontent with NOEZ’s questionable ethics. Nice way to make a couple of bucks, right?

If you’re like me, you’re beginning to think: “Yeah, this is a crappy way to do business. But how are they getting away with it?” This where the uninformed, manga-hungry readers come in. There are millions of us – using their sites, purchasing their stuff and clicking through on their advertising. It all generates income into their pockets – not the mangakas, not the publishers and definitely not the scanlators. If manga aggregate sites are allowed to continue this way, the future of online, translated manga looks pretty grim. If you, the reader, don’t know about what NOEZ is doing, then you won’t know to make a change will you?

Hey! I’m not being melodramatic here – think about it a sec. If manga aggregate sites continue to treat the scanlators callously by ignoring tiny delay periods or ripping out our credit pages and recruitment page, scanlators will feel as if their work isn’t being appreciated and will cease operation. Already, scanlation teams have been having difficulty recruiting fresh team members and you have been noticing (and commenting) that the time between chapter releases is getting longer and longer. Which means you will have to wait until the publishers purchase licenses to distribute them in your country, and with the volume of manga I read that becomes an exceedingly expensive hobby.  I’d likely not make as many purchases which will, in turn, impact the mangakas too. Not to mention, you can kiss your less-than-mainstream titles good bye in foreign markets.

Let’s not forget the scanlators are playing in a grey zone here legally too. If the manga aggregate sites piss off the publishers by refusing to remove legally licensed titles, there may be legal repercussions to the scanlators that would likely involve the dissolution of the team. Not cool.

Okay, so you want to help but, like me, you’re lazy and you don’t want to put a whole lot of time or effort into your show of support. It’s okay – I get it and completely understand. Start off by never going back to the manga aggregate websites – please! I could send you all over the internet in search of your favourite titles at different scanlating websites, but I remember that you are lazy like me. You can find all of your favourite titles available for easy reading at the scanlator-friendly site Tell all your other manga-addicted junkies about NOEZ and batoto. Why do I like so much that I promote it over Cave Scans online reader? Because they have just about every manga title all in one, handy-dandy location, they display the manga as the scanlator uploaded it without adding or removing anything and has a stellar reputation of respecting the scanlator’s wishes. By all means, when you have a moment, visit your favourite scanlators’ web pages and say “Thanks” or even “Hi!” – that’ll give them the moral boost they need to keep going. Lastly, I know it’ll be hard, but try not to complain when the scanlator’s have to resort to releasing their titles in alternative formats. They aren’t doing it to piss their loyal readers off, but to save their work from the hell of NOEZ and maybe even the future of online manga!!


*climbing off the soap box now*

Wanna read more?  Check out: