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Our website hoster went bankrupt after the servers were all fried…. *see prior post for more information*

So we had to move bakc to the old wordpress site… We could backup the old posts (before Oct and the October releases) before that but there could still be some errors or mislinking etc. occur, if you notice anything please leave us a comment so we can fix it as fast as possible. Further down I summed up what we got out after our last backup and when the server was closed.

*sigh* Back to fixing and readding pages again..y.y” Meanwhile we’re looking for  a new website hoster but until then we’ll use this site again.

Releases after the last backup:

Selkin Novel: Hidden GM’s Destiny Prologue (has yet to be linked again)

Weiß: all remaining chapters (fully scanlated; author put the series on hiatus)


Yep, as sad as it is the server, on which our website was hosted and 50+ other websites, was fried… 

….even worse: Together with our backup files (we tried getting them from our website hoster since the website “rolled back” to the time of the July posts…).

Thus we lost all our recent posts, website updates (e.g. the novel and manga series pages *includes the Automata summaries*) and comments. Thanks to this we have to relink, rewrite the pages now and also update anything else again. We’ll update this post when everything is done.

This of course includes everything we did from July onwards… So for everyone who visited our website after the “back roll” occured: Nope, we weren’t inactive from July onwards (we actually released and updated a lot, including two new novel projects) and we’re still alive (more or less… we did suffer heart attacks thanks to this situation but we have enough members who are pros in necromancy, so no loss occured… except for maybe a few lost bodyparts…).

So for now we’ll fix the website first and then get our releases out as usual. We probably start with Selkins new novel project (Selkin is kindly waiting for us to fix the website first).

But sadly the bad news don’t end here… We did prepare some nice horror webcomic oneshots (some maybe remember the now vanished post announcement for this) but after Naver licensed them we won’t release them on Halloween because we have a strict policy of not releasing licensed projects to cause no harm to the publishers and artists income (even more so with the many manga aggregator websites around). That said our work for Halloween went completly to waste and we don’t know yet if we can replace them with something else.  So in the worst case scenario there won’t be a Halloween release and event this year…. ):

Update 1: Novel pages are up to date again.

Update 2: All manga pages are (hopefully) fixed! Only the Automata summaries are left to upload once more.

Also some news for Makino Aoi fans: We’ve finally some good news for Sekai no Hate! This project was somehow on the unlucky side… After it was dropped by the prior scanlator we were contacted with a  joint offer by the group Under the scarlet cherry trees. Ch 11 was sent back to them after proofing and fixing the translations for typesetting (they cleaned the project) and being released but our joint partner went inactive and we couldn’t contact them since months via e-mail and Sekai was put on hold because of this. Recently another group, Ouzoku Scans, contacted us kindly regarding Sekai no Hates status and we could safely pass the projects over to them with our prior work on it. Like this the project can finally be released and won’t stay in it’s hiatus state.

Today (after a long break due to our translator being too busy so we had to find a new translator who took over on Bloodline – A huge thanks to Paper for translating it!) we have the first chapter of Bloodline volume 2 for you! The next chapter has already been translated and in currently the process of proofreading and cleaning, so there won’t be as long of a gap between chapters this time.

Here’s the new release (exe file)

Chapter now on Batoto.


Some readers (and even some of our own staff members who don’t belong to the Ai Ou cult under Estos wing) are confused about the prequel/sequel and general numbering of Infinity Game and Bloodline so here’s a short explanation! You’ll also find more information (we don’t want to spoil) about the relationship between IG and Bloodline in this chapter’s release (in Ai Ou’s notes).


Infinity Game

IG is the prequel to Bloodline and has 2 volumes (It came out after the first 2 volumes of Bloodline).


Bloodline is divided into (let us call them) “Arc’s”, 3 in total, and therefore the numbering of the volumes begins with vol 1 after each arc. This results to the following:

Arc 1: vol 1+2

Arc 2: vol 1+2

Arc 3: vol 1-11 (still ongoing)


I hope this will get rid of some of the confusion… xD We’re scanlating Arc 1 right now and already have the other two Arcs purchased and waiting to be worked on~


We’re recruiting:

– Japanese translators (for our current and future projects; especially for Ixion Saga ED)

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Korean translators

– Color page cleaners (for our webcomics; must be experienced with redrawing huge SFX as well)

– Cleaners (experienced one who’s good at redrawing; urgent)

– Typesetters (for the English and German branch)

Naver’s Line Webtoon app should be launching within the next week (depending on how long the apps take to be approved) and it looks like Under Prin might be one of the 40 series that they’re starting off with. So all work on Under Prin is going to stop until the app is out and we can confirm whether it is or not. If it is licensed then we will drop the series and remove all of our chapters from Batoto and also remove all downloads Mediafire, so you should download the chapters quickly if you wish to do so.

Check out the Line Webtoon Facebook page for more information as it comes.

Under Prin has officially been licensed by Naver on their new webtoon app which is already available on Google Play with other mobile devices soon to follow. As such we’ve dropped the series (English version only, we’ll still be doing the German releases) and are currently in the process of removing all our chapters from Mediafire and Batoto. Thank you for reading our version of this series all this time and please continue to support the author by downloading this app and reading the series there.

Also check out Naver’s Line Webtoon website.

Good News: The first Ixion chapter is out, enjoy~

Bad News: It killed traumatized our only japanese translators in the process (they googled some S&M related jap words and ended up on ehm…not so good websites for their poor minds….) thus we URGENTLY need a translator who can take over the translations (and is immune to said google researches) so we can savely continue scanlating it…>-<” (Meanwhile the staff will continue to try reviving the said two translators…)

You can download it from Mediafire here or read it online on Batoto.

Next up will be Wizardry Zeo and an Automata summary, followed by Kirara no Hoshi, Weiß and Timeline.

We’re still recruiting:

– Japanese translators (urgent)

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Korean translators

– Cleaners

– Typesetters

What a lovely, sunshiny day today!! Finally – no rain! no snow! no clouds! What a nice start to May 8th

May 8th…?

I feel like I’m forgetting something important…. what could it possibly be…?? *gets a coffee*

Hmmm, why does May 8th remind me of something… *sips coffee, sits down and peruses the Cave Forum on my computer…*

Gasp! Oh crap!!  *spluttering coffee all over the keyboard* It’s Cave Scan’s Anniversary…!! How on God’s green Earth could I forget that?!


On the other side of the world two weeks previous to this glorious day, the ever vigilant Demonlord, swamped in university work, illness and job applications,  noticed on his calendar that the Cave Scan’s Anniversary was fast approaching. So as to not let such an important date slip his mind again, he sets an alarm on his phone allowing just enough time to hobble something together. If we’re not mistaken, I think we hear soft, but distinctly evil chuckling in the background.

Yesterday, that same said innocuous little alarm dings, reminding the Demonlord of the plan he set in motion. May 7th, a mere 24 hours before the Cave’s anniversary, the Demonlord reminds his minions of the upcoming sacred day, and watches in gleeful delight as they scurry around in utter panic creating a miracle.


Back to the frantically typing, Skype-ing and panicking Tsuki ~~ Phew! The Demonlord has a plan… he has a good plan, an evil plan, but a good plan none-the-less… Rex has been diligently slaving away for weeks, while Tsuki has been doing what… drinking coffee?! I guess the least I can do is write an Anniversary post for the web…

So, without further ado dear readers, please be pleasantly surprised by the miracle the Demonlord orchestrated  in honour of our 3rd anniversary!! We will be posting a brand new chapter a day for at least the next 7 days from a number of different projects that you have been enjoying so far! Chapters that have been miraculously born from the seeds of panic and chaos sown by Esto.

Happy Birthday Cave!!


P.S. In Tsuki’s defence… she *did* just earn her fourth post-secondary certification while working full-time!!


1st day:

Today we’ve Timeline ch 9 for you!

You can read online on Batoto or download here.

Support the artist by visiting the Naver page so Timeline will turn into an official webcomic~


2nd day:

Todays chapter is an Under Prin chapter!

You can read online on Batoto or download from Mediafire.


3rd day:

The last chapter of our joined project HAL! This ends the one shot collection (finally)~ We also added some links for you if you want to buy it. Please don’t forget to also thank Paradise Love Scanlations!

Read online on Batoto or download as zip or rar


4th day:

Today we’ve another Under Prin chapter and the first summary of Automata season 3 (ch 41)!

You can read UP online on Batoto or download from Mediafire.

Automata season 3 ch 41 summary


5th day:

Today we’ve another Weiß chapter for you, enjoy~

You can read Weiß online on Batoto or download here.

Support the artist by visiting their Naver page so that Weiß will turn into an official webcomic~


6th day:

Today we’ve Under Prin ch 66 for you.

You can read UP online on Batoto or download from Mediafire.

Note: There are some account problems (maybe a bug) with Tsukikos and my Batoto accounts so the upload gets delayed. up now


7th day:

Today we’ve a long awaited chapter of Satou-kun!

You can download it as an exe flash file here or read online on Batoto.

Note: There are some account problems (maybe a bug) with Tsukikos and my Batoto accounts so the upload gets delayed. Also up~ 


It appears as if Aquarion Scans is currently too busy to work on the series going by one of their recent posts ( so we have passed the task of translating it onto one of our own translators and will get it out as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you in advance for being patient with us.

Edit: It’s now done translating and is being proofed.

Edit 2: Now being typesetted.

Today we’ve a new chapter of Kaijidou Mokuroku for you, enjoy~

You can download all chapters from Mediafire here or read it online on Batoto.

Next releases: Timeline, HAL and the last IG novel chapter of vol 1. Satou-kun and Ixion Saga are also on their way! The first Automata summary should also be up soon.


We’re recruiting:

– Japanese translators

– Chinese translators

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel and Infinity Game vol 2; urgent)

– Korean translators

– cleaner

We received another response from TappyToon regarding on how much information we can share with our readers regarding the official release of Automata!

Here’s their official response!^~^


– Automata will begin its official licensed release on TappyToon starting in May/June 2014. We have worked with creator KD to update/add artwork, original text and other new refinements to enhance the experience for this release.

– We cannot yet comment on specific prices or subscriptions that may or may not be implemented as these are closely related to our launch plans. Nevertheless, TappyToon is currently exploring various ways for readers to enjoy our comics, including Automata. We look forward to hearing from fans through the reader survey to find a path that works best for everyone involved.
[link to Google Docs survey form]

– More info will be available at as time goes by — thank you!


Update: The publisher sent us the wrong survey link before and sent us the actual link via e-mail~ ^-^ You can now see the survey!

Today we’ve great news for you all!^^ We received an e-mail from a publisher who informed us that Automata has been licensed in English (And three other languages!!). It will be published by TappyToon, so please support them when Automata’s official releases are out. Until TappyToon’s launch, you can subscribe to them via e-mail here. All of CS’s staff is really looking forward to the official version, and as soon as we’ve more information from TappyToon (provided we are allowed to share it yet), we’ll make an extra post (or update this one).

Of course this means that we won’t be working on season 3 of Automata furthermore; we’ve removed all of our download links and will ask you all to STOP DISTRIBUTING our release files anywhere (This especially includes manga aggregation websites). We’ve already removed our files from Batoto and inform all of the rescanlators who’re rescanlating Automata about this as well and hope they stop scanlating it also.


Update post here!