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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Our website hoster went bankrupt after the servers were all fried…. *see prior post for more information*

So we had to move bakc to the old wordpress site… We could backup the old posts (before Oct and the October releases) before that but there could still be some errors or mislinking etc. occur, if you notice anything please leave us a comment so we can fix it as fast as possible. Further down I summed up what we got out after our last backup and when the server was closed.

*sigh* Back to fixing and readding pages again..y.y” Meanwhile we’re looking for  a new website hoster but until then we’ll use this site again.

Releases after the last backup:

Selkin Novel: Hidden GM’s Destiny Prologue (has yet to be linked again)

Weiß: all remaining chapters (fully scanlated; author put the series on hiatus)