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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Yep, as sad as it is the server, on which our website was hosted and 50+ other websites, was fried… 

….even worse: Together with our backup files (we tried getting them from our website hoster since the website “rolled back” to the time of the July posts…).

Thus we lost all our recent posts, website updates (e.g. the novel and manga series pages *includes the Automata summaries*) and comments. Thanks to this we have to relink, rewrite the pages now and also update anything else again. We’ll update this post when everything is done.

This of course includes everything we did from July onwards… So for everyone who visited our website after the “back roll” occured: Nope, we weren’t inactive from July onwards (we actually released and updated a lot, including two new novel projects) and we’re still alive (more or less… we did suffer heart attacks thanks to this situation but we have enough members who are pros in necromancy, so no loss occured… except for maybe a few lost bodyparts…).

So for now we’ll fix the website first and then get our releases out as usual. We probably start with Selkins new novel project (Selkin is kindly waiting for us to fix the website first).

But sadly the bad news don’t end here… We did prepare some nice horror webcomic oneshots (some maybe remember the now vanished post announcement for this) but after Naver licensed them we won’t release them on Halloween because we have a strict policy of not releasing licensed projects to cause no harm to the publishers and artists income (even more so with the many manga aggregator websites around). That said our work for Halloween went completly to waste and we don’t know yet if we can replace them with something else.  So in the worst case scenario there won’t be a Halloween release and event this year…. ):

Update 1: Novel pages are up to date again.

Update 2: All manga pages are (hopefully) fixed! Only the Automata summaries are left to upload once more.

Also some news for Makino Aoi fans: We’ve finally some good news for Sekai no Hate! This project was somehow on the unlucky side… After it was dropped by the prior scanlator we were contacted with a  joint offer by the group Under the scarlet cherry trees. Ch 11 was sent back to them after proofing and fixing the translations for typesetting (they cleaned the project) and being released but our joint partner went inactive and we couldn’t contact them since months via e-mail and Sekai was put on hold because of this. Recently another group, Ouzoku Scans, contacted us kindly regarding Sekai no Hates status and we could safely pass the projects over to them with our prior work on it. Like this the project can finally be released and won’t stay in it’s hiatus state.