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Today (after a long break due to our translator being too busy so we had to find a new translator who took over on Bloodline – A huge thanks to Paper for translating it!) we have the first chapter of Bloodline volume 2 for you! The next chapter has already been translated and in currently the process of proofreading and cleaning, so there won’t be as long of a gap between chapters this time.

Here’s the new release (exe file)

Chapter now on Batoto.


Some readers (and even some of our own staff members who don’t belong to the Ai Ou cult under Estos wing) are confused about the prequel/sequel and general numbering of Infinity Game and Bloodline so here’s a short explanation! You’ll also find more information (we don’t want to spoil) about the relationship between IG and Bloodline in this chapter’s release (in Ai Ou’s notes).


Infinity Game

IG is the prequel to Bloodline and has 2 volumes (It came out after the first 2 volumes of Bloodline).


Bloodline is divided into (let us call them) “Arc’s”, 3 in total, and therefore the numbering of the volumes begins with vol 1 after each arc. This results to the following:

Arc 1: vol 1+2

Arc 2: vol 1+2

Arc 3: vol 1-11 (still ongoing)


I hope this will get rid of some of the confusion… xD We’re scanlating Arc 1 right now and already have the other two Arcs purchased and waiting to be worked on~


We’re recruiting:

– Japanese translators (for our current and future projects; especially for Ixion Saga ED)

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Korean translators

– Color page cleaners (for our webcomics; must be experienced with redrawing huge SFX as well)

– Cleaners (experienced one who’s good at redrawing; urgent)

– Typesetters (for the English and German branch)


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