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Naver’s Line Webtoon app should be launching within the next week (depending on how long the apps take to be approved) and it looks like Under Prin might be one of the 40 series that they’re starting off with. So all work on Under Prin is going to stop until the app is out and we can confirm whether it is or not. If it is licensed then we will drop the series and remove all of our chapters from Batoto and also remove all downloads Mediafire, so you should download the chapters quickly if you wish to do so.

Check out the Line Webtoon Facebook page for more information as it comes.

Under Prin has officially been licensed by Naver on their new webtoon app which is already available on Google Play with other mobile devices soon to follow. As such we’ve dropped the series (English version only, we’ll still be doing the German releases) and are currently in the process of removing all our chapters from Mediafire and Batoto. Thank you for reading our version of this series all this time and please continue to support the author by downloading this app and reading the series there.

Also check out Naver’s Line Webtoon website.




    It’s arrived!! It’s finally arrived…!!! A lot of surprises on there. And a lot of disappointments (that is to say, ones I really want to see ;a;) Hopefully they’ll add more soon.

    Thanks for the update~

    • Yeah, we also hope so and that the quality of the typesets get better over time..>-<"
      But am really happy that they launched, the app is also nice (just some grammar issues here and there). Well we'll pick something else to replace UP soonish (also Weiß is ending soon so there are two slots open for new webcomics).

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