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After a long wait and a lot happening (you can read it here), the next chapter is finally done, enjoy!

Download it here as an exe flash file.

Note: The chapter will be uploaded to Batoto later today (It’s past 3am for me right now and I wanted to release it asap because of the long delay, thus I uploaded it on Mediafire a bit earlier~).

Edit: The chapter is now also on Batoto!^^

Next release: Probably Rack (Yep, it was secretly snuck on the project page cuz a joint offer came in quite…suddenly!) and/or another Automata summary.

Edit 2: Mangatraders was hacked if you have an account there and use the same e-mail+password combination elsewhere we advice you to change it!

More information can be found here:


We’re recruiting:

– Japanese translators

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Korean translators

– Color page cleaners (for our webcomics; must be experienced with redrawing huge SFX as well)

– Cleaners (experienced one who’s good at redrawing)

– Typesetters (for the German branch)


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  1. Thanks for the chapter :)

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