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Good News: The first Ixion chapter is out, enjoy~

Bad News: It killed traumatized our only japanese translators in the process (they googled some S&M related jap words and ended up on ehm…not so good websites for their poor minds….) thus we URGENTLY need a translator who can take over the translations (and is immune to said google researches) so we can savely continue scanlating it…>-<” (Meanwhile the staff will continue to try reviving the said two translators…)

You can download it from Mediafire here or read it online on Batoto.

Next up will be Wizardry Zeo and an Automata summary, followed by Kirara no Hoshi, Weiß and Timeline.

We’re still recruiting:

– Japanese translators (urgent)

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Korean translators

– Cleaners

– Typesetters



  1. thank you very much:)

  2. Thank you so much for the release :D

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