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We received another response from TappyToon regarding on how much information we can share with our readers regarding the official release of Automata!

Here’s their official response!^~^


– Automata will begin its official licensed release on TappyToon starting in May/June 2014. We have worked with creator KD to update/add artwork, original text and other new refinements to enhance the experience for this release.

– We cannot yet comment on specific prices or subscriptions that may or may not be implemented as these are closely related to our launch plans. Nevertheless, TappyToon is currently exploring various ways for readers to enjoy our comics, including Automata. We look forward to hearing from fans through the reader survey to find a path that works best for everyone involved.
[link to Google Docs survey form]

– More info will be available at as time goes by — thank you!


Update: The publisher sent us the wrong survey link before and sent us the actual link via e-mail~ ^-^ You can now see the survey!



  1. Well…hm. I guess this is good news (especially for the author – more money!), but I’m a little worried about the translations (quality, honorifics, SFX, etc.). And I can’t wait to /wait/ for 40 chapters until they catch up. :P

    Anyways, it should be interesting. Thank you for delivering such high-quality (and speedy) scanlations of Automata up til now!

    • From what the publisher wrote in his e-mail they do care about the quality a lot and they even are open for critic (they told us if we spot something we can tell them~), so I think their releases will be in good quality but we’ll see. Regarding the long wait, yep, we also suffer from this but Horus (our translator) will be so nice and writes us summaries for the season 3 releases!^^ *ch 41 summary is already in our hands and will be proofed soon* Though I maybe wait for some more summaries and post them all together in one go (together with a link to the chapter on Daum).

        • 001
        • Posted April 3, 2014 at 5:36 PM
        • Permalink

        “wait for some more summaries and post them all together”
        Please no.;_; As fun as it’s been these past few days translating Korean sentences word by word and then trying to put it in some semblance of grammatically and semantically correct English sentences, I would really like to know what’s going on in ch41.
        And thank you for not leaving the readers hanging and writing summaries. It’s very nice of you^^

        • Estoriel
        • Posted April 4, 2014 at 9:32 AM
        • Permalink

        Okay, then we post them as soon as possible. Though our second boss and headproofreader Tsukiko is rather busy so I don’t know yet when she can finish it but I’ll bother her daily now (and get killed in the process)!^^ Sadly Rexenik who has more time on his hand is a huge Automata fan and don’t want to spoil himself (he waits for the publisher version and the mental scar of not being able to work on it after 3 months of him nearly dying for a new chapter is also huge) thus he don’t want to proofread it…>-<" A new proofreader applied though and maybe I can hand it over to her then~ o-o We'll see whatever is faster~

  2. Ahaha, woah! I knew that Automata had restarted, but seeing as it had been a while since a release and you guys are quite timely, I thought I should see if something was up, and… indeed!! +A+;;

    I’m glad it’s licensed, but on the other hand, if it’s going to a paid/subscription type thing… I guess I won’t be reading it OTL It’s a bit unfair considering the original work is free to read, but since it’s not through Naver and another company, I can kind of see why they might charge… but, hey, MangaFox and its ilk make tons of money off ads alone!! lol

    On a related note, what’s going on with all these licenses/official English versions suddenly? Webtoons have been around since ’07 and just now Naver is finally making an English version and several companies are popping up for them? What weird (and slow) timing. Then again, I guess it’s the same with manga, and both manga and the English market for manga have been around for ages.

    • Yep, we got contacted by the publisher a day before the first season 3 chapter was out (we were all raedy to try scanlating within a day this time…lol). But you can at least read some summaries on the Automata project page (under releases->season 3) for now, better than nothing…>-<"

      We share the same thought and worries, but from the e-mails we wrote with TappyToon they are very concerned about the readers wishes and quality as well (the CEO even asked us for our scanlation for a double translation check…x3). You can fill out their survey and vote for free webcomics to show them what the readers prefer, also seeing that Automata is for free on Daum I think the chances are actually quite good for it being published by TappyToon for free supported by ads (this is my own speculation though and we'll find out when TappyToon finally launches).

      I think it's precisely the aggregators existence which snatchs away their customers more and more and the fact that purchasing manga (and producing them) is too expansive nowadays so they slowly change to a different release way (not to mention that publishing in general more and more changes to online publishing). Furthermore not only do the costs for producing the manga (cuz no printing costs, no material costs etc.) decrease but they can also sell them easier around the world (more customers) and for cheaper (if they not support it by ad money income) pricing which also leads to more customers. The only problems they have then to battle are easier ripping of their releases (like the mF/MH bot does with the scanlators zip/rar/PDF files) thus why many release as flash files (harder to rip for these bots). Also due to the globalization I can imagine that the licensing of manga/webcomics etc. is probably getting easier.

        • Ixtli
        • Posted May 16, 2014 at 6:15 PM
        • Permalink

        O…OMG, my comment went through!! It kept giving me errors even after days of trying (comment wasn’t that important, I’m just that stubborn rofl OTL)

        It’s kind of you guys to do summaries =w=!

        I’m glad that TappyToon does seem concerned, and I did fill out the survey with explanations on my choices (if the source material is free and ad supported it should be free and ad supported, otherwise people will turn to scanlations). And to even ask for a double check!! :x

        Yeah — I can see why they didn’t before because not too many people were online. And why it’d take a while to protect their releases from bots. But in Naver/daum’s cases, when they were online all along and scanlations for ’em came out almost immediately (and, furthermore, naver/the authors knew about these scanlations)… not to mention in general Koreans have a much better grasp on English than the Japanese (due to better teaching method OTL) and so it seems translations would be easier, it seems really weird that it took so long to get official English webtoons. Well… is “still” taking long since the site isn’t up yet. ^^;

        • Estoriel
        • Posted May 17, 2014 at 7:06 AM
        • Permalink

        Omgh, seriously?! No..XD The spam filter we’ve installed sometimes is messing around and blocking comments… thus we often deactivate it for a while (and get flooded with spam), maybe you had a word in your text which the spam filter considered spam?

        We’ve summaries up to the latest chapter but our head proofer Tsukiko is busy (and Rexenik don’t want to spoil himself and waits for the TappyToon releases) thus we’re behind but I hope we catch up soon!=w= *also wanna know what happens*

        Same here, also gave some explainations…xD *was rather long when I filled the survey out*

        Yeah, but I think it also have to do a lot with Daums and Navers licensing policies, I know from Naver that they also license the series in english so I can imagine the artists having a bit of trouble licensing elsewhere and Naver itself is (for whatever reason) really slow in releasing in english as well. Though it seems they plan something big this year, so we see how it progresses. Regarding Daum, they seem to be releasing more of their popular series elsewhere (e.g. Automata by TappyToon and Jack, The American Ghost *offcicial publisher name* and Trace 2.0 by Tapastic) now. So we’re eager to see what else gets licensed (though now it’s also much harder to decide what to scanlated so we avoid as much as possible scanlating series which will get offcially published later on..>-<").

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