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Today we’ve great news for you all!^^ We received an e-mail from a publisher who informed us that Automata has been licensed in English (And three other languages!!). It will be published by TappyToon, so please support them when Automata’s official releases are out. Until TappyToon’s launch, you can subscribe to them via e-mail here. All of CS’s staff is really looking forward to the official version, and as soon as we’ve more information from TappyToon (provided we are allowed to share it yet), we’ll make an extra post (or update this one).

Of course this means that we won’t be working on season 3 of Automata furthermore; we’ve removed all of our download links and will ask you all to STOP DISTRIBUTING our release files anywhere (This especially includes manga aggregation websites). We’ve already removed our files from Batoto and inform all of the rescanlators who’re rescanlating Automata about this as well and hope they stop scanlating it also.


Update post here!



  1. btw,
    still has Automata on their site…

    Can anyone contact them? Or know how to remove the translation off the site? Thanks.

    • The only we can even try to do to get them taken off sites like that is to have the publisher email them directly (which we’ve informed them to do), but since those sites are run by money-hungry assholes, I doubt even that will do the trick.

        • Estoriel
        • Posted March 25, 2014 at 10:06 PM
        • Permalink

        Sad but a true story, this is also why we’re so much against these aggregators. And their bots rip anything they find (except flash files)… D:

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