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This was one of the most enjoyable joints we did so far and we hope to work again with Titania and Fuyu no Yo in the future on something! Please visit their websites as well to say thank you (a french version will be released by Fuyu no Yo as well), eveyone did an amazing job on this joint!^~^

You can download the Oneshot here.

I swear, the hidden main character is actually the cat!



  1. the link that you put isn’t directing to that file

    • Yeah, thanks for leavinga comment!>.<" *was linked wrongly though at least the projects page link was the real one*
      I edited it.

  2. Guys I really like it, thanks a lot, I’m laughing like mad.
    I’ve sent you a mail, but I don’t know if the address was correct.
    I’m wainting for your reply.

    • Was correct, and you should have a reply now..XP
      *looking forward to the italian version*

  3. Thank you all so much for your hard work. You’re awesome !!

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