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Today marks the return of a series we were forced to put on hiatus a while ago because of reasons, as well as the revival of the German branch, *monotone* hurray~!

We have chapters 61 and 62 of Under Prin in both English and German for your reading pleasure.

You can read online on Batoto or download from Mediafire (As with previous chapters, both the English and German versions are in the same link):
Chapter 61 – .zip or .rar
Chapter 62 – .zip or .rar


We’re recruiting:

– Japanese translators

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel and Infinity Game vol 2; urgent)

– Novel proofreader

– Korean translators

– Color page cleaner (webcomics)

cleaner (experienced one who’s good at redrawing, urgent)



  1. Why not combine your efforts with chiki scans to both lessen the workload and not use your efforts on working on something that’s already been done? I get that groups can be weird about this kind of thing, but I’ve just never understood why people would work on re-releasing stuff. Seems like a waste of time and work. I know you guys were working on it before they picked it up, but friendship is magic.

    • Actually one of our members asked them long ago and we got a refusal, so that’s the reason why we work independ on it (and because we want to release it in german as well).
      Our group always asks for joints if we see another group picking up the same project and value joints a lot (just look at the project page and you see that most projects are joints) but if they refuse a joint we can’t do anything about it.

        • Anonymous
        • Posted January 21, 2014 at 9:01 PM
        • Permalink

        That’s really weird. I don’t know why someone would refuse to do a joint especially when they’re asking for help.
        Sorry that I made it seem like it was on you guys; it’s just that since typically the group originally working on it is the one who refuses joints and also since that group was asking for help I figured that they wouldn’t be against it. However I didn’t keep in mind that you guys do joints a lot and probably would try for one. I think I’ll go ask why chiki scans doesn’t think friendship is magic.

        • Estoriel
        • Posted January 22, 2014 at 9:47 AM
        • Permalink

        Well it was also the first time for us that a joint was refused, so I don’t know the reasons (nor was one given back then). Though it’s a long time ago, I can imagine that they didn’t had such staff problems before (and they released faster back then) and thus weren’t interested in a joint. I do know some other groups who aren’t fond of joints though for various reasons (I do work for another group and am in contact with many admins and staff of other groups and you sure hear many weird stories), mostly due to prior bad experience so this maybe could have also played a role in this. My own joint experiences were only good ones until now but it’s not for all groups like this.

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