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We’ve got some nice news again~ Firstly, we were asked for a joint with Kirara no Hoshi by Aquarion Scans and from the next chapter onwards, we’ll be working together to speed up the releases!^^ As you know, we’ve been looking for more Japanese translators since a long time ago, and it was the main reason why the project has been progressing so slowly. On this note; we also found another Chinese translator and a RAW provider for the Chinese projects “Kill No More” and also “Ominous Star” (we’ve had a hard time finding RAWs for purchase anywhere). So we’ll also be working on these two from now on and have moved both projects from our future, to our current, project list.


General project overview:

Automata: Artist is on break, as soon as a new chapter or announcement appears, we’ll make an official post.

Bloodline: In progress

HAL: Our joint partner, Paradise Love Scanlations, is in dire need of cleaners so we’re waiting for their cleans right now (it’s completely translated+proofread)

Kaijidou: In progress.

Kamitoki: Many chapters are done translating, but it has a lot of (hellish) redraws so it takes a while to clean (though the next chapter should be out soon) <–we’re recruiting redrawers to speed this up, please apply~

Kill no More: Waiting for the RAW scans~

Kirara no Hoshi: In progress.

Omnious Star: We’ve started cleaning+translating the first chapter already.

Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu: Translations are progressing nicely; cleans are a bit slow (very bad paper it was printed on so to secure a decent quality we’ve to put extra effort in it when cleaning if we don’t want to loose too much quality)

Saishuu no Loop: Lovely Scans received the RAWs to clean them and we’re already translating it (the first chapter has whopping 86 pages!)

Satou-kun: Is being translated by our Japanese translator.

Scratch!!: Same problem as with HAL (Paradise Love Scanlations are in dire need of cleaners); we asked our friends over at Kinoko Translations for some cleaning power, it will be a triple joint from now on until the situation at PLS is better (their cleaner already started to work on it)

Timeline: In (very good) progress; if this continues we can maybe keep up with the once a week releases~

Under Prin: Is back from hiatus and we’ll release some chapters in the near future (includes the German branch!)

Wizardry Zeo: In progress.

Weiß: Also making good progress, but not intended to be a weekly release (else we soon run out of chapters to scanlate… XD”)

Yoiko no Kokoroe: Last pages are being typeset and will be our next release!



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