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tl;dr version: Copyright fucking sucks – Rex.

Most of you probably already saw this on Mangaupdates, but if you haven’t read it, please do so. Though the group and many others still don’t know how a single “group” could get rid of ALL the links linking back to scanlators (and there are already some interesting theories…), we can only give you some of our thoughts based on the facts and not any theories:

CS can only share the opinion that this DMCA action will support the many manga aggregator websites (like Mangafox & Mangahere) even more because new manga releases can be found much easier over the aggregators. Especially now with MU’s links to the scanlator websites & forums removed. I really hope that the MU staff can do something about this issue and find a good solution. It’s really sad to see a decent website like MU being treated by a DMCA request and seeing websites like Mangafox/here still being completely unaffected by all of this and seeing how much they profit from the whole situation. But it’s not too surprising if the servers are located in China, and it won’t surprise me if from now on publishers will be after scanlators even more to “stop the supply of scanlated chapters” for Mangafox/here and co. because they seem to be powerless against these aggregators… This is also one of the reasons we’re again thinking about releasing only in exe files, because the MF/MH bot can’t rip those files and upload it on Batoto at a later date to “hide” the release from their bot’s iron claws and still make it possible for our readers to read it conveniently online without downloading, but with this method, the projects won’t show up on the update lists either (if we release it as not archived or delayed with many days between it the bot will rip the chapter the second it gets uploaded on Batoto..). As you see our group experimented a lot to hide our releases from Mangafox/here and tries to affect the readers as little as possible, but if this continues we’ll really have to use the above method. In this case, I would suggest you looking on MU for our release updates (or subscribe to our website or twitter account) and check out Batoto 2-3 days later. But if we decide to use this method for all of our releases, we’ll make another announcement. Right now we use it for only a few projects and we always make a note about it being a delayed release. Webcomics are not affected by this right now but there’s another release method we’ll probably try out soon which allows us all to support the artist as much as possible (Odd Squad Scanlations has been using this method for a long time, you can check it out on their website~). Meanwhile, please click on the links we provide on the project pages to their site to support them! They get paid by view count, and the more you visit them, the better it is for them!!

On this note; if you really can’t avoid reading on manga aggregators like MF/MH for some reason, don’t forget to use ad block so as to not be a money source for these websites…

Also, if you like our projects; please consider buying an official copy of them to support the artist and publisher! Even a single Japanese copy will help them and shows the artist that you like their work. This is also one of the reasons CS always buys the original copy of a project we scanlate and don’t use public RAWs, also please don’t forget to stop distributing our scanlations if any of our projects is licensed in English and instead consider buying an own English copy of it.

Update: The MU staff posted a new update on this issue, you can read it here.


Here’s a link to the discussion thread on Batoto about it.

Though I must say, the DMCA sure is working hard right now.

There’s also a “nice” article about Facebook which we can only recommend reading.



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