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And here’s the newest Automata chapter and along with it, we’ve some news regarding the German Automata releases. They will resume it in 1 1/2 months when the translator of YingYang Scans gets discharged from hospital, so expect many German releases around that time!^^b Also with the growing chapter number, we’ll replace some of the old download files (single chapters) with new zip/rar files so you can download several chapters at once with a single click.

Here’s the download link. or read online on Batoto.


Right now we’re recruiting:

– Chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Japanese translators (urgently as always)

– Korean translators for some new webcomics we intend to pick up (urgent) 

-RAW provider for “Kill no more” (manhua) -> we’re still having problems purchasing them and we will reimburse you



-color page cleaner (for above mentioned webcomics)



  1. Automata, yum
    muchas gracias ^^

  2. I have already sent you an email in regards to Ixion Saga.

    • Yeah, we saw it!^^ We’ll reply shortly (our proofreaded is tried to caugh you on FB before).

  3. Thanks, team!! ( ゚ヮ゚)/

    • Welcome! But I’ve some bad news for all Automata readers:
      No chapter this week!y.y Kim Dazzi is taking a break (next chap will be out on Daum in two weeks).

  4. Thank you for Automata!!! xD

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