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Today we’ve a special “double Ai Ou” release!

One new chapter of Bloodline and the first chapter of the Infinity Game novel which was part of the manhua volumes. If you read the manhua releases you’ll notice that the novel is focusing on the first users of the Bloodline book. But for anyone who wants to see IG’s main character Long Wei again: He’s appearing in the new Bloodline chapter~ Together with the secret sidecharacter the (“talking”) strawberry (yeah the staff members are still fond of strawberry-san). With this Infinity Game and Bloodline slowly start to connect to each other.

Well onto the releases!

Bloodline vol 1 chapter 4 (exe file); Read online on Batoto (delay of 12 h after this post)

Infinity Game novel chapter 1

Note: As soon as all novel pages of volume 1 are released, we’ll make a PDF of it so you can download it in one file (also including some drawings by Ai Ou which he did for the novel pages).

Edit: The broken link to Selkins blog is fixed now.


We’re still recruiting:

– chinese novel translator (for the Bloodline novel; urgent)

– Japanese translators (urgently as always)

– Korean translators for some new webcomics we intend to pick up (urgent) 

-RAW provider for “Kill no more” (manhua) -> we’re still having problems purchasing them and we will reimburse you



-color page cleaner (for above mentioned webcomics)


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