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We wish all our readers a spooky and enjoyable Halloween time!^^

Today we’ve got a brand new Satou-kun chapter for you (<–exe file download). The perfect project to release on Halloween, right?! We also have another Automata release (download or read on Batoto) for you! You can expect more releases over the few next days too! But do be careful when you grab today’s release, you just might encounter one of Ich’s many experiments, a couple of Tsuki’s cranky piranhas or some of my beloved “pets” today. We let them all out so they too could fully celebrate this enjoyable and lovely day of the year! Please pardon any corpses you may come across, they are totally not any sacri…I mean victims…! Really!I’m not lying…!! ^^ I swear!!! *tries to cover up the newest victim who’s being eaten*!

Note: Due to Mangafox/here ripping our files and stripping off of our credit and recruitment pages and worse, they even callously stripped our Halloween event announcements, we’ve decided to release all files as flash exe files for a while (except Automata) with delayed Batoto releases. Todays Satou-kun chapter will be up as usual so as to not spoil Halloween for you all! (<–Batoto link)

Don’t forget to join us on our Halloween RPG on the IRC chat we created just for today. We’ve got some nice treats we’ll “hand out” there from time to time and you’ll have the chance to see our not-so-normal group in action. If you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know about this event until now, you can read more about it here.


How you can join our IRC Halloween RP chat:

You can join anytime you want (as long as the event lasts; we’ll edit this post when it ends).

Edit: The event is over, but the channel stays open so if you randomly want to chat with our staff or have questions feel free to join it.

1. Visit this link

2. Insert this password at the bottom of the page: 1234567  (<–yeah we were very creative with this one…lol)

3. Set your username

4. Enjoy the event (try not to get eaten!)

Note: You need to have Flash installed.



  1. Comment if you need any help getting in :)

  2. Thanks for the Satou-kun chapter! And thanks for all your work :)

  3. Thank you so much for the release :D LOVE this series ^^

  4. Thanks for the Automata~~ ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

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