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After a long period without any  WZ releases (our translator was busy first, then our proofers… and finally our typesetters… <<” *A series of unfortunate events*) we finally have a new chapter for you! We’ll try our best to get the next chapter out sooner. We’ve added an link this time to decrease our costs and make buying RAWs easier in the future ( we buy all of our RAWs from our own pockets), it would be really nice if all of you would disable your add blocker for a while on our website to support us a bit.

Donwload it here (exe file) or read online on Batoto


We also have a new project to take the place of HAL which will be a joint with the Italian group Lovely Scans, the RAWs are on their way and we’ll start work as soon as they’re delivered!^^ It’s a German copy so there won’t be any delays in translation at least~


We’re also still recruiting:

– Japanese translators (urgently as always)

– Korean translator for a horror webcomic (urgent)

-RAW provider for “Kill no more” (manhua) -> we’re still having problems purchasing them and we will reimburse you

-RAW provider for vol 2 novel pages of the Infinity Game manhua




  1. I missed this seriesso much! Thank you for the release, please do more ^^

    • We hope to get one out around Halloween but it all depends on our two translators!^^”

  2. Thank you for the chapter!! I’m happy you were able to release a chapter after all you’ve been through :)

    • We’re also very happy that it finally was released, we really felt bad to keep you all waiting for so long but with the lack of jap. translators we coudn’t help it..>.<"

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