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Hi there everyone, Rex here. Been a while since I last wrote one of these, here’s the latest chapter of Automata for you. There’s a bunch more on the way, however we don’t have enough typesetters to work on themHm?? Why don’t I work on them you ask?? I’m on break -3- (Estoriel: Well deserved break after so much proofing!) As always you can read on Batoto or download from Mediafire.



Next release will be HAL ch 3! I’m editing the chapter right now (there are a lot of changes), depending on how fast I can get it done, it’ll be released sooner. *will definitely be out this weekend* There are also the Infinity Game novel pages which were included in vol 1 of the IG manhua on their way~ We’re still looking for a korean translator to start on the horror webcomic and we’re in need of more japanese translators, if you’re interested please take a look at our reruitment page. Because of Souls retirement and him being MIA right now, we don’t have the vol 2 novel pages of IG scanned, if someone who owns a copy of vol 2 reads this, it would be great if you could sent us some scans or photos of them, so our novel translator can continue with translating it.



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