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Monthly Archives: September 2013

I spy macabre monsters, gruesome ghouls, diabolic devils and wretched witches traversing the halls in the bowels of the Cave headquarters. No – they’re not Ich’s latest creations, nor are they the Demonlord’s newest experiments or pets, but our staff preparing for that most glorious time of year – Halloween! If you visited our website the following years you know that our staff LOVES Halloween and that it’s the biggest event here and this year we wanted to celebrate it even more! We are putting the finishing touches on an Horror RP game, a costume design contest, a pumpkin carving contest, pumpkin raffle and a some ghost story submissions too. Naturally there’ll be prizes to be had~


Pumpkin Carving, Costume Contest, Ghost story submission: from October 1st to 31st.

Lucky Pumpkin Raffle: October 28th to 31st.

Horror RP: October 31st.


Be the first to see new releases (and get a zip/rar file of your favourite project .this includes the flash files too). The first place winner also get a nice surprise added to it~


What to do?

Pumpkin Carving Contest: Carve a nice pumpkin, take a photo of it and send us the photo via e-mail to with the title “Pumpkin”.

Costume Contest: Show us your spookiest costume photoshot with the title “Costume” via e-mail to

Ghost story submission: Write your own ghost story (no longer than 2500 words)! It can be a spooky, funny, or sad story, but it must be Halloween related and of course written by you. Send us your entry via e-mail to with the title “Ghost”.

Lucky Pumpkin Raffle: This is the easiest way to receive a prize! You just have to send us an e-mail to from the 28th to the 31st with the title “Raffle”. We’re giving each participant a number (in order of us receiving your e-mail) and we’ll regenerate randome numbers with a computer program. The three numbers we get, will be our winners~ Easy right? There’s just one rule: No more than ONE entry per person.

Horror RP: We’ll post more info when Halloween is near. Our staff members will participate in this and you can ask us questions, rp with us together and…we’ll also throw randomly some “candy” out~

We’ll vote inside the group for the best three entries of each contest and the lucky winners will receive an e-mail with further information on how to claim their prizes. Furthermore we’ll put all winning entries in a PDF file for you to download and share them.


With that being said… We’re really looking forward to this year’s Halloween! Come over and participate~ ^w^



Automata ch 30 out, enjoy~

Read online on Batoto or download here.


We’re also still recruiting:

– Japanese translators (urgently as always)

– Korean translator for a horror webcomic (urgent)

-RAW provider for “Kill no more” (manhua) -> we’re still having problems purchasing them and we will reimburse you

-RAW provider for vol 2 novel pages of the Infinity Game manhua

After a long period without any  WZ releases (our translator was busy first, then our proofers… and finally our typesetters… <<” *A series of unfortunate events*) we finally have a new chapter for you! We’ll try our best to get the next chapter out sooner. We’ve added an link this time to decrease our costs and make buying RAWs easier in the future ( we buy all of our RAWs from our own pockets), it would be really nice if all of you would disable your add blocker for a while on our website to support us a bit.

Donwload it here (exe file) or read online on Batoto


We also have a new project to take the place of HAL which will be a joint with the Italian group Lovely Scans, the RAWs are on their way and we’ll start work as soon as they’re delivered!^^ It’s a German copy so there won’t be any delays in translation at least~


We’re also still recruiting:

– Japanese translators (urgently as always)

– Korean translator for a horror webcomic (urgent)

-RAW provider for “Kill no more” (manhua) -> we’re still having problems purchasing them and we will reimburse you

-RAW provider for vol 2 novel pages of the Infinity Game manhua


And here’s this weeks Automata chapter, enjoy~

Read online on Batoto or download here.


We’re still recruiting:

– japanese translators (urgently as always)

– korean translator for a horror webcomic (urgent)

-RAW provider for “Kill no more” (manhua) -> we still have problems purchasing them and will reimburse you

-RAW provider for vol 2 novel pages of the Infinity Game manhua


Here’s a new chapter of HAL, one more and the whole volume is scanlated~

You can find the download links on the project page or read online on Batoto.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite CS projects!

For a while there was a problem with our spam filter which didn’t let you write any comments, we fixed it and you can comment again.

Right now we’re working on the ‘poll not showing up’ issue.

Edit: For some reason the plugin itself seems to be bugged so I added a direct link instead. It should work now but if there are any other issues please report them to us.

Because the plugin don’t work as it should since yesterday I added the direct link.

You can vote here now:

Hi there everyone, Rex here. Been a while since I last wrote one of these, here’s the latest chapter of Automata for you. There’s a bunch more on the way, however we don’t have enough typesetters to work on themHm?? Why don’t I work on them you ask?? I’m on break -3- (Estoriel: Well deserved break after so much proofing!) As always you can read on Batoto or download from Mediafire.



Next release will be HAL ch 3! I’m editing the chapter right now (there are a lot of changes), depending on how fast I can get it done, it’ll be released sooner. *will definitely be out this weekend* There are also the Infinity Game novel pages which were included in vol 1 of the IG manhua on their way~ We’re still looking for a korean translator to start on the horror webcomic and we’re in need of more japanese translators, if you’re interested please take a look at our reruitment page. Because of Souls retirement and him being MIA right now, we don’t have the vol 2 novel pages of IG scanned, if someone who owns a copy of vol 2 reads this, it would be great if you could sent us some scans or photos of them, so our novel translator can continue with translating it.


We’re in need of more typesetter right now (very easy task), if you’re interested please take a look at our recruitment page and apply via e-mail~

There’s a huge bunch of releases waiting which just need a typesetter to get them done (I’m busy right now and most semi-typesetter aren’t available either so we’re missing a typesetting main force right now). As soon as we find one, expect many releases.

And as usual we’re also recruiting more translators:

-korean translator for a new horror webcomic

-jap. translators (for our current and future projects) <–urgent


Today we bring you something special! Tsukiko and I worked on this in secret (not even the other members knew about it *except if they saw the tiny link to Selkins blog*) between the other projects and we’re now done with translating and proofing. It was a lot of fun working on this despite taking a lot more time than translating and proofing a manga. I don’t want to spoiler the story so I just say that the story is about the Grim Reaper and his past. We really liked the story and will continue to translate some nice stories written by Selkin in the future. After I spoke  a bit more with Selkin in privat she told me that her next project will be a longer fantasy novel~

To support her more, we added her link, if you like her stories please stop your ad blocker for a few seconds to support her!

Link to Selkins story.

Now that we’ve one story translated, I’ll put up another page for all novel translations. You’ll find the Infinity Game novel there too as soon as we’re done proofing (the whole first volumes novel pages are done translating)!