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After an incredibly long wait (we only have a few Jap. translators, so if something happens the release gets delayed) we are finally able to get out a new Satou-kun chapter. I typesetted this whole chapter as fast as demonly humanly possible (I’m moving to a new city right now) so the waiting time shouldn’t increase any further. As always it was very(!!) enjoyable to work on Satou-kun and it was hard at times not to comment on something! *limited it down to just one* I just love that mushroom character, really…

As Tsukiko and Rexenik posted before: We’re still in need of Japanese translators and also typesetters! After all, we would love to prevent these inhumane waiting periods. We’re also looking for a Korean translator who’s interested in horror series. Please apply if you’re interested~ *although it may take a few days before I can reply because I won’t have Internet for the next few days at the new flat*



DL files

Read online on Batoto


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