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Imagine, if you will, a filthy, gaunt, bedraggled woman (that would be me!!) crawling through the desert sands, steadfastly heading straight towards a lush, tropical oasis with only one thing on her mind – to quench her desperate thirst for the next chapter of Scratch!  I know it’s been a while since the Cave has released anything other than Automata but you’ve got to admit, releasing 12 chapters at once was pretty amazing right?! Anyway, the temporary disappearance of Scratch and all our other usual projects is soon to be corrected with Scratch Chapter 5 being released today! Please enjoy it!

Other regular projects will soon begin reappearing as well, but a drastic shortage of typesetters is slowing those releases down. In fact, the Demonlord has taken precious time out of his relocation to a new flat just to get this Scratch release out to you. If you think you can help, drop us a line, we would love to have more typesetters join the team.

Not to sound greedy or anything, but we’d love a couple of Japanese translators too! Pretty please?!

Back to more proofing!



Download links on the Scratch project page  or read online on Batoto~

Next up will be Satou-kun & WZ!


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