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Monthly Archives: August 2013

And another chapter of Automata! Huge thanks to Rex who helped out with many tasks.

We’re intending to buy more RAWs in the future and because of the server costs and the costs of buying and importing the RAWs we try to use for some links to decrease the costs slightly (we don’t receive any donations and pay it all from our own pockets). It would be nice if you would click on the links and deactive your ad blocker for a few seconds to support us a bit without donating!^^” Even if there are very view clicks it would decrease the costs by a tiny degree which would have a greater effect on long term.

Download link



Our website is back online now~


Newest release:  WZ vol 2 ch 5

News: Automata was licensed by TappyToon; more informations on our new website

Enjoy this weeks Automata release!

Batoto or download here

You can still vote on the favourite project poll!

As written in the previou post as long as we’re getting DDoSed, we’re releasing here.

Enjoy this weeks Automata release!

Batoto or download here

Yep, our new website is getting DDoSed right now and so our website hoster took it off from the net for some time.

Meanwhile we’re using our old wordpress site for releases. The next Automata release should be out in one or two days and we’re also working on a oneshot novel release (and all our other projects of course).

We’re still in need of more staff members (especially jap. translators for our future projects and a korean translator interested in horror webcomics), if you’re interested send us your application to!

More informations can be found on our Batoto recruitment thread:


This weeks Automata release!^^

Right now we’ve one poll regarding the honorifics used in Automata on Batoto, it would be great if you share your opinion there. Rexenik also put up two wikis there for you.

Our other poll is regarding your favourite CS project(s) and can be found here.

As always you can either download the new chapter (on the Automata project page) or read it online on Batoto.

The plugin doesn’t work as it should so I added the direct link instead.

Vote here:

After an incredibly long wait (we only have a few Jap. translators, so if something happens the release gets delayed) we are finally able to get out a new Satou-kun chapter. I typesetted this whole chapter as fast as demonly humanly possible (I’m moving to a new city right now) so the waiting time shouldn’t increase any further. As always it was very(!!) enjoyable to work on Satou-kun and it was hard at times not to comment on something! *limited it down to just one* I just love that mushroom character, really…

As Tsukiko and Rexenik posted before: We’re still in need of Japanese translators and also typesetters! After all, we would love to prevent these inhumane waiting periods. We’re also looking for a Korean translator who’s interested in horror series. Please apply if you’re interested~ *although it may take a few days before I can reply because I won’t have Internet for the next few days at the new flat*



DL files

Read online on Batoto

Imagine, if you will, a filthy, gaunt, bedraggled woman (that would be me!!) crawling through the desert sands, steadfastly heading straight towards a lush, tropical oasis with only one thing on her mind – to quench her desperate thirst for the next chapter of Scratch!  I know it’s been a while since the Cave has released anything other than Automata but you’ve got to admit, releasing 12 chapters at once was pretty amazing right?! Anyway, the temporary disappearance of Scratch and all our other usual projects is soon to be corrected with Scratch Chapter 5 being released today! Please enjoy it!

Other regular projects will soon begin reappearing as well, but a drastic shortage of typesetters is slowing those releases down. In fact, the Demonlord has taken precious time out of his relocation to a new flat just to get this Scratch release out to you. If you think you can help, drop us a line, we would love to have more typesetters join the team.

Not to sound greedy or anything, but we’d love a couple of Japanese translators too! Pretty please?!

Back to more proofing!



Download links on the Scratch project page  or read online on Batoto~

Next up will be Satou-kun & WZ!

Here is the latest chapter of Automata, that’s 2 weeks in a row we’ve managed to keep this up!!

I hope you enjoy this chapter, it’s starting to make some sense (but not really) + What a cliffhanger!

As always you can read the chapters on Batoto, or download from Mediafire, chapters 8 & 9 have also been added.

We’re also thinking of picking up two more Korean webtoons so we’re recruiting more Korean to English translators (At the moment we only have one, so help us out.) Email us if you’re interested. We could also use a few more typesetters because we have a lot of projects to do, but not enough people to do them.