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Because of the sudden server movement, many of our files have to be reuploaded (the whole staff is very busy right now so the reupload is quite slow especially because we had more server issues to deal with over the last weeks). YnK in particular suffered due to this. I’ve started reuploading it as downloadable exe flash files. Right now this is our only way of distributing the files (see the FAQ about MF/MH for more information) without us buying a second server to store the files there.

We’re still discussing the idea of getting a second server for file storage (so you all can read it online) and keeping the costs as low as possible (after all we pay for our RAWs+the server costs out of our own pockets). What does this mean for you, the reader? Well it means that all our future flash files (as long as we don’t buy a second server) will only be available as exe downloads and not for online reading (except of course our projects which get uploaded to Batoto with a delay) on the other hand, readers who love to have a digital copy of their favourite manga (especially the YnK fans) will probably be very happy about this…XD


As always, if you see any broken links on the website please report them here or send us an e-mail at This makes it a lot easier to find and fix all broken links, We’re reuploading YnK first, after that will be IG.


You’ll be able to find all YnK flash releases here soon.

Edit: All YnK chapter are reuploaded.


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