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Hello there everyone, Rexenik again. Today we have the first 2 of the chapters of Automata we skipped in preparation for the mass release, chapters 6 & 7, you can read them on Batoto now, downloads will come a little later because Esto is really busy with real life stuff right now and isn’t able to upload them to Mediafire (Hence why I’m writing the release article again)

Chapters 8 and 9 will come out as soon as possible, both are almost done proofing but our lead proofer Tsukiko is also very busy and has been having problems with power outages so please be patient a little while longer.

In regards to our Japanese projects, our Translators have come out of hibernation and have been translating like mad (Stop making more work for me!!!) so it hopefully won’t be too long until they come out as well.

As usual we’re still recruiting Translators and we’re also in urgent need of some more Typesetters so feel free to apply, more like apply now before we all collapse.



Edit: Chapters are now on Mediafire.
Chapter 6: rar & zip
Chapter 7: rar & zip


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