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Today we have a huge Automata release for you! And if I say huge, I mean HUGE!!!

Today we’re releasing ch 10-20.5 which are the remaining chapters of Automata Season 1 (ch 6-9 will be out in the next few days, two are being typesetted and one is being proofed right now, cuz another scanlator already released them we thought we can safely get todays chapters out^^) and the Season 2 prologue. While you read this post we’re uploading all chapters to Batoto and on Mediafire (when we’re done with the Batoto upload) so it could take a bit till you can download them all. We release the files in order so if you read on Batoto you don’t have to wait long for the next chapter while reading.

A huge thanks to the Special Task Force of CS to make this release possible!! You’re all awesome!^^b

Enjoy the many chapters (dl) or on Batoto~


Next release can be anything (from KnH, Kaijidou, YnK, Scratch!!, WZ, Satou-kun up to UP or Automata)… *we see what gets done the fastest*

– Rexenik & Estoriel


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