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Monthly Archives: July 2013


Because of the sudden server movement, many of our files have to be reuploaded (the whole staff is very busy right now so the reupload is quite slow especially because we had more server issues to deal with over the last weeks). YnK in particular suffered due to this. I’ve started reuploading it as downloadable exe flash files. Right now this is our only way of distributing the files (see the FAQ about MF/MH for more information) without us buying a second server to store the files there.

We’re still discussing the idea of getting a second server for file storage (so you all can read it online) and keeping the costs as low as possible (after all we pay for our RAWs+the server costs out of our own pockets). What does this mean for you, the reader? Well it means that all our future flash files (as long as we don’t buy a second server) will only be available as exe downloads and not for online reading (except of course our projects which get uploaded to Batoto with a delay) on the other hand, readers who love to have a digital copy of their favourite manga (especially the YnK fans) will probably be very happy about this…XD


As always, if you see any broken links on the website please report them here or send us an e-mail at This makes it a lot easier to find and fix all broken links, We’re reuploading YnK first, after that will be IG.


You’ll be able to find all YnK flash releases here soon.

Edit: All YnK chapter are reuploaded.


Today we’ve two more Automata chapter and with this release we caught up to the most recent chapter on Daum. As you can read on the note from Kim Dazzi (we attached to ch 22) he’s taking a break now, so the next chapter release will be in 2-3 weeks (depending on how fast he recovers and when we can start working on it). Chapter 8 & 9 are being typesetted right now and hopefully will be out this week as well.

Furthermore we’ve a lot to typeset soon and could need some help with that for faster releases! If you’re interested in helping us please apply. We’re (as always) still in need of more japanese translators for our current and also for the future projects!

You can read the new chapters on Batoto or download it at the usual place.

The server is back online again (hope it will stay like this!!) and ch 6+7 of Automata are out now!^^

Visit us at:


New releases: Automata ch 24+Scratch!! ch 5+ Satou-kun ch 4

Hello there everyone, Rexenik again. Today we have the first 2 of the chapters of Automata we skipped in preparation for the mass release, chapters 6 & 7, you can read them on Batoto now, downloads will come a little later because Esto is really busy with real life stuff right now and isn’t able to upload them to Mediafire (Hence why I’m writing the release article again)

Chapters 8 and 9 will come out as soon as possible, both are almost done proofing but our lead proofer Tsukiko is also very busy and has been having problems with power outages so please be patient a little while longer.

In regards to our Japanese projects, our Translators have come out of hibernation and have been translating like mad (Stop making more work for me!!!) so it hopefully won’t be too long until they come out as well.

As usual we’re still recruiting Translators and we’re also in urgent need of some more Typesetters so feel free to apply, more like apply now before we all collapse.



Edit: Chapters are now on Mediafire.
Chapter 6: rar & zip
Chapter 7: rar & zip

*sigh* The server is down right now so I post the download link for the Automata chapters from our huge release and also some of our other projects here!^^

Under Prin:
Wizardry Zeo:

Yoiko no Kokoroe:

Infinity Game:

Most of our projects are also uploaded on Batoto.


Progress overview (next releases of all projects):

Kaijidou ch 2: cleaned; proofing

KnH vol 2 ch 2: cleaned; proofing

YnK vol 2 ch 3: cleaned; proofing

WZ vol 2 ch 2: cleaned; proofing

Satou-kun ch 4: cleaned; proofing

Bloodline ch 4: cleaned; proofing

Under Prin ch 61+62: typesetting (eng nearly done, ger in progress)

Scratch!! ch 5: cleaned; proofing

HAL ch 3: cleaned; proofing

Kamitoki no Resist ch 4: cleaning+translating


ch 6+7: typesetting

ch 8+9: cleaned, proofing

ch 21+22: cleaned, proofing


Manga we translate and provide RAWs of for the english scanlation group Paradise Love Scanlations:

Demian Shoukougun vol 7 part 1: typesetting

Demian Shoukougun vol 7 part 2: 2nd proofing


Manga we translate and provide RAWs of for the spanish scanlation group SYFS (spanish release only, refrain from using our scans/trans for english releases; it’s already licenced in english, buy the volumes and support the artist and publisher!) :

Dokusai Grimoire ch 3: translated; proofreading

Today we have a huge Automata release for you! And if I say huge, I mean HUGE!!!

Today we’re releasing ch 10-20.5 which are the remaining chapters of Automata Season 1 (ch 6-9 will be out in the next few days, two are being typesetted and one is being proofed right now, cuz another scanlator already released them we thought we can safely get todays chapters out^^) and the Season 2 prologue. While you read this post we’re uploading all chapters to Batoto and on Mediafire (when we’re done with the Batoto upload) so it could take a bit till you can download them all. We release the files in order so if you read on Batoto you don’t have to wait long for the next chapter while reading.

A huge thanks to the Special Task Force of CS to make this release possible!! You’re all awesome!^^b

Enjoy the many chapters (dl) or on Batoto~


Next release can be anything (from KnH, Kaijidou, YnK, Scratch!!, WZ, Satou-kun up to UP or Automata)… *we see what gets done the fastest*

– Rexenik & Estoriel

From now on we’re using this website. It took a while to move all files and we’re still not done (have to get the flash+PDS files back; this can take a few more days) but the loading speed already increased a lot and we’re encountering less problems. Please change your bookmarks to the new website (in case anything happens to this website in the future you can find all news on our back-up wordpress site as usual), the links on Batoto and Mangaupdates were already exchanged. If you encounter any broken links (or some which lead to the old website) please leave a comment here or in the chatbox so we can fix it.

We’ve also a new release for our german readers: Automata prologue in german (joint with YingYang Scans), was uploaded on Batoto today and on our joint partners website. Download links will be available on our website when more chapters are done as a bundle (for conveniences sake).

Yeah, we had only problems over the last weeks with the server, so now we move to a new website hoster. We don’t know how long it all takes so meanwhile we’ll use this old website in case we release something!^^

We won’t use the website on the hcpsgc servers any longer and the website will be gone in 24 hours so if you want to downlaod some chapters please hurry. Our new website can be found on when we’re done. If we release anything new in that time we’ll make  a post here with download links.

Edit: Meanwhile we transfered the old posts+pages here, please note that all flash+PDF releases aren’t uploaded on this website (will be on the new one), but you’ve at least some of the downloads available!^^

Edit2: Server moved and up working! From now on please visit:! We’ll work on the flash+PDF files next so they are readable again.

New release: Automata prologue in german (joint with YingYang Scans), will be uploaded on Batoto today and their website. Download links will be available on our website when more chapters are done as a bundle (on the new server).

Our server is down for maintanance and some new installations. We’ll use this website as long as it’s not done and keep you updated.