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Once deep in hell there was a cave…with strange creatures living in it…there were a few scanlators who after a long time, way too long time, finally managed to get a release done which they started on long ago but who’s RAW provider suddenly disappeared. They faced many obstacles and met many boss monster they had to defeat (staff members leaving, new staff members joining and teaching them, rl trouble and the old enemy of exams and finals…), but after a long battle their first journey into the world of Kaijidou Mokuroku ended. They finished their release (way too late…) and now have to face a new obstacle (translator being busy with exams and returning in a few weeks; this translate into: We’re still recruiting japanese translators!!).

But for now please enjoy the very first release of this “not so new” project!^^”

Download as rar & zip


The awaited Bloodline release will be out tomorrow~


We also saw that ch 2+3 of Automata were released by another group. On this note: We and JazzWay are not dropping Automata and will provide our own releases in due time with the utmost care about quality. Further more with the next few chapters releases we’ll make downloads available. *we intended to put a few chapters in a bundle to download*




  1. Thank you for picking this project up! I’ve been hoping to read this series in english for a long time now. ^^

    • Yeah, sorry about the slow release!>.<" *we wanted to release it much faster actually but we've too few japanese translators*

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