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Here’s the next chapter of Automata! As before we’re only uploading it to Batoto right now, please refrain from uploading it anywhere else (e.g Mangafox or Mangahere…).

When we released the prologue some time ago we received an e-mail from another Korean translator named BlackHorus, who already translated all chapters (up to the most recent one on Daum!). Thanks to his great help we won’t have any delays for the translations~ We’ll use his translations from ch 2 onwards (cuz our translator already translated ch 1 by then, so we used BlackHorus translations of ch 1 to verify). Please give BlackHorus a huge thanks!

On that note the cleaner of our joint partner JazzWay has also an amazing speed (and is great at redrawing), so we try getting the releases out on a weekly base (if nothing urgent comes up or the other projects need to be taken care off).

We’re also recruiting jap. translators, cleaner, typesetter and proofreader (if you also have basic knowledge of one of the following languages it would be perfect: chinese, japanese, korean or german). Especially the proofreader position is rarely open so take the chance~


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