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Monthly Archives: June 2013

We’re in URGENT need of japanese to english (or german) translators right now. Our japanese translator Zeroreika is really busy and can hardly translate anything now (we received the information today), so if you like one of the following projects please consider helping us. We’re also open for joints and will of course provide the RAWs of all the projects (tankobon RAWs of course)!


-Yoiko no Kokoroe

-Wizardry Zeo

-Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu


-Kaijidou Mokuroku

-Kirara no Hoshi


We also have the RAWs of the following projects:


-Ixion Saga ED

-Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu

-Tenchi Meisatsu


You can find more informations on our projects here:

Please contact us via e-mail at!


Edit: The situation got better thanks to an old translator reappering so all current projects will be covered but we still could need some help on the three future manga! *and for faster releases~*


Today we’ve another Under Prin chapter (english+german) for you. Enjoy~

Download as rar // zip or read online on Batoto


We’re still recruiting japanese to english or german translator!


For the german branch of CS we’re still recruiting:

– color page cleaner (for UP ch 1 onwards)

– korean to english or german translator (for UP ch 1 onwards)

– typesetter (for Under Prin and our future german releases of other projects)

– english to german translators (for our other projects; e.g. Wizardry Zeo, Satou-kun, Kaijidou etc.)

Hello readers, it’s Rexenik again, so it turns out my previous release article wasn’t to be my last, mostly due to extenuating circumstances like Esto stabbing himself in the hand with a giant knife *slight exaggeration* and Tsuki spending several hours in a car with a couple of little demon piranhas *no exaggeration*. It’s not a big release like last time but we do have Automata Chapter 5 for you, sorry it took a little bit of time compared to the other chapters but, if a thing is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well.

We’re still recruiting Japanese translators among other positions so feel free to apply or force someone you know to apply, both work.

<insert cool sign-off line here>



Note: You can read Automata on Batoto, you can find download links on the project page.

Hello to all of the readers, Esto will probably be the one posting this but the one writing it is I (!) Rexenik!! … *crickets* … Ok then… Today we have for you not one, not two, but three chapters of Automata and Bloodline ch 3!! *applause*… Yeah, now you do it. Myself, Estoriel, and Tsukiko are now very, very sleep deprived because of this (Tsuki even poured coffee into her cereal *no joke*). So enjoy this massive release to your hearts content and let us get as much rest as we possibly can.

We’re still recruiting Japanese translators for our many manga projects which are basically dead right now…

And this will probably be the last chance I get to write one of these so remember me!! … Plz…



Note: You can read Automata on Batoto, you can find download links on the project page.

Bloodline ch 3 (will be added to Batoto with a few days of delay)

Once deep in hell there was a cave…with strange creatures living in it…there were a few scanlators who after a long time, way too long time, finally managed to get a release done which they started on long ago but who’s RAW provider suddenly disappeared. They faced many obstacles and met many boss monster they had to defeat (staff members leaving, new staff members joining and teaching them, rl trouble and the old enemy of exams and finals…), but after a long battle their first journey into the world of Kaijidou Mokuroku ended. They finished their release (way too late…) and now have to face a new obstacle (translator being busy with exams and returning in a few weeks; this translate into: We’re still recruiting japanese translators!!).

But for now please enjoy the very first release of this “not so new” project!^^”

Download as rar & zip


The awaited Bloodline release will be out tomorrow~


We also saw that ch 2+3 of Automata were released by another group. On this note: We and JazzWay are not dropping Automata and will provide our own releases in due time with the utmost care about quality. Further more with the next few chapters releases we’ll make downloads available. *we intended to put a few chapters in a bundle to download*


Here’s chapter 59 of Under Prin! As always with the english and german version in one zip/rar file.

Next up are Bloodline and Kaijidou ch 1.

Here’s the next chapter of Automata! As before we’re only uploading it to Batoto right now, please refrain from uploading it anywhere else (e.g Mangafox or Mangahere…).

When we released the prologue some time ago we received an e-mail from another Korean translator named BlackHorus, who already translated all chapters (up to the most recent one on Daum!). Thanks to his great help we won’t have any delays for the translations~ We’ll use his translations from ch 2 onwards (cuz our translator already translated ch 1 by then, so we used BlackHorus translations of ch 1 to verify). Please give BlackHorus a huge thanks!

On that note the cleaner of our joint partner JazzWay has also an amazing speed (and is great at redrawing), so we try getting the releases out on a weekly base (if nothing urgent comes up or the other projects need to be taken care off).

We’re also recruiting jap. translators, cleaner, typesetter and proofreader (if you also have basic knowledge of one of the following languages it would be perfect: chinese, japanese, korean or german). Especially the proofreader position is rarely open so take the chance~

Here’s the UP ch 57+58 release! We put the english and german versions both in one file again. Enjoy~

ch. 57: rar or zip

ch. 58: rar or zip

It’ll also be up on Batoto soon~


Next release will be Automata ch 1, followed by Bloodline. Our japanese translator Zeroreika still has exams so the next manga releases will take a while except if we find another jap. translator…

We were working on this since a while and finally we’re done with the prologue (first chapter should follow in a few days).

Automata is our new joint project with the Russian scanlation group JazzWay Team (they’re releasing it in russian as well)! You’ll (maybe) know them as the Russian scanlator of Kirara no Hoshi. When the two admins of both groups were randomly chatting on a certain day, Estoriel was interested in this webcomic after seeing the orignal pages and hearing that it doesn’t has an english scanlator yet (Shiro Nabi released the old Naver version, we’re working on the Daum one) and JazzWay needed a translator for this one. Estoriel instantly asked Ori (OriginalityUnavailable, who’s also translating Under Prin for us) and got an instant agreement and thus a new joint was born!

For now we’re only releasing it on Batoto (no downloads for now but they’ll be up in the future).

Here’s the link


Do you remember the time when we ha dthat project on our future list and we made a notice about another group releasing it instead? *though on their request we didn’t mention their name*

Now the first chapter was released~ You can read it on Odd Squad Scanlations website!^^ Enjoy~


We also added a download link for the color pages of vol 2 of Kirara no Hoshi, you can find them on the KnH project page.