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It took an awfully long time (some readers maybe remember that we picked it up loooong ago) because we faced many obstacles. The previous korean translator we found left us before even starting his work (that was when still no one picked UP up when the previous scanlator stopped scanlating it) and not long afte that another scanltor picked it up (chikiscans, they already released some chapters so take a look!^^). We first thought about dropping it but we were already planning a german branch of CS and german releases of UP, so we decided we continue to work on UP. Not long after that we finally found a new translator (who also is a cleaner & typesetter!), a huge thanks to “OriginalityUnavailable” who made this release possible~ We’re using his english translations for the german releases as well. I also want to thank our cleaner Shorty for taking up the challenge to clean ch 55-58 (there were some annoying redraws) and poor Rexenik who’s suffering from a ‘dot-phobia’ now (the poor guy manually added the dots over the ö, ü and ä in the german releases…).

I highly doubt that we’ll catch up to the other scanlators releases that fast either way (most recent is ch 64) so in case you want to know what happens next, take  a look at their website!

Here are the first two chapter. You can find the english and german version together in one file~

Ch. 55: rar & zip

Ch. 56: rar & zip

Both chapters will also be uploaded on Batoto, if you prefer reading it there just wait a bit till the upload is done~


We’re still recruiting (near) all positions, especially japanese, chinese translators! And one korean to english or german translator for UP ch 1 onwards (for the german releases).


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