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And here is the next chapter (and last one if we don’t have more typesetter who can get all the UP chapters which are waiting done asap, else it’ll take a while) of our anniversary releases! It’s also the first KnH chapter of the second volume which means we’re using our own RAWs from now on (cuz the first two chapters were already scanlated we used public RAWs for vol 1). Please refrain from uploading it on any aggregation website.

Our main jap. translator is in the middle of important exams so she’ll take a break for a whole month, which means the jap. releases will be a bit slower now. The next chapter release should either be HAL ch 3 or Kaijidou.

We’re still recruiting more member for the english and german branch and are especially in need of more translators (jap+chin+ger), cleaner and typesetter!


KnH downloads: rar file & zip file



  1. New chapter! banzai! thanks again!!

  2. i was waiting for the manga to go in this direction, lmfao. THANK YOU MORINAGA AI.

    also thanks for the release! :D

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