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Do you remember what today is?!

It’s a really special day…

It’s the Cave’s second anniversary!

Two whole years of glorious manga scanlated for our mutual enjoyment! Bliss!

The Cave Team has been working like demons, between crazy exam schedules and frenzied real life jobs to bring you a pile of new releases all week.

Watch out for: Bloodline Chapter 2, HAL Chapter 2, Kirara no Hoshi Volume 2 Chapter 1, Scratch Chapter 4, Yoiko no Kokoroe Volume 2 Chapter 2 to be released and a revised version of Wizardry Zeo Volume 2 Chapter 1!

Now, I’m off to find my party hat and slice of cake…




Time sure flies by…Oo” For me it feels as if only one year passed by but we’re already existing for two now! The group sure grew and we met many different people on our way (thanks to you all for making the releases possible). It was an enjoyable time and I hope this will continue for more years~

The whole staff worked hard to make this huge release possible (and is now completly exhausted and drained off their stamina) despite exams, work and many other obstacles.

Here are the first two chapters of our big release:

1. Bloodline ch 2

2. Scratch ch 4: rar or zip

We also uploaded the revised version of WZ (no changes on the text/story, only some typesetting changes), you’ll find the link on the WZ project page.




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