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Today we don’t have any updates for you but we’ve an announcements which affects the group a lot!

As you can read in the title we’ve a new 2nd boss here at CS! Some of you maybe already noticed that Souls name was fewer and fewer on the credit pages but now he made the decision to step down on his former position (though he’ll still helps the group if we need him, like a superhero when you call him). His life got busier and busier (he’s going on a chinese highschool) and the time he could invest in CS related work was completly eaten up by it. And so our beloved little boss had to take that final step (don’t think he’ll disappear completly, he’s like a ghost and will appear again for sure!) and discussed it over with Estoriel. The primary question of course was who of our great members should succeed him

As always the decision (as long as it’s not a naming decision these two can decide things very fast!) didn’t take long and the poor victim…ehm…of course we mean the lucky person of our group was our piranha raising Tsukiko (who’s also good at abdcuting…ehm finding new members)!

Congratulations Tsukiko from the whole staff!!

Note: Because our 2nd anniversary is soon (next Wednesday) be ready for some releases as well!


Estoriel: Congratulations Tsuki on becoming our 2nd boss and don’t get buried by the new workload!!!>.<” *finally managed to reach the surface again after being buried for a long time* I still remember the day when you joined us (and I also still have your recruitment mail..XP) and it just seems some months ago though it’s already over a year now. Even after all that long time I still didn’t figure out how you actually manage to raise the piranhas and fight the CS workload at the same time! You’re a great person and I hope we’ll all stay together for an even longer time!^^b Though it’s sad that our poor little Soul is being kept so busy but I hope he’ll soon have more free time again and visit us often in our group chat (we all miss you there!!). Good luck on all of your exams Soul and please use your ghost abilities often and sneek up in our forum..XP It was a great, enjoyable, funny and honorable time working with you!

Tsukiko: I am so very flattered and honoured that my friends and peers here in the Cave have offered me this position as Second Boss. I’m at a loss really as to what I should say, except “Of course! Thank You!!”

It took me a couple of months to actually pluck up the nerve and send that fateful e-mail off to Estoriel in early March 2012, asking to join the team. All I had in my favour was a lot of experience proof reading and editing works written in English by speakers of other languages. I was actually quite worried that I would be of any use at all. I had no experience at all in the scanlating process, I had no reason to ever use file sharing sites or Photoshop before this, and I had rarely used Skype either. Thankfully, everyone in the Cave was super friendly and very willing to teach me everything I needed to know, and were very patient with me when I made mistakes.

I never anticipated, in my wildest dreams, that I would ever find myself acting as a Second Boss to a group of such dedicated and hard working people across the globe as I am now. This makes me happier than I can describe and I am very, very grateful for this chance.

It’s taken me more than 10 days to come down off cloud nine to put some coherent words on paper about taking over this position. Thank you to Estoriel and everyone in the Cave for this opportunity, guidance and friendship over the past year. Thank you especially to Soul for thinking of me as you move onward – you really are a king! Thank you to Techno, Silly and Circus for cutting me some slack at home to do this!It’s with all sincerity that I promise to do my best to live up to the expectations that you have entrusted with me.





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