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Monthly Archives: May 2013

A couple of days ago when the Demonlord should have been industriously studying for his final exams, he was happily skipping through the internet and found himself on one of the large manga aggregate sites. You can imagine his shock and fury to find one of our most recent releases splashed up on their website, all our credit pages, recruitment pages and art contest winner pages heartlessly stripped away. It’s taken Kinoko, Rexenik and Tsukiko days to clean the Cave up after the Demonlord’s rampage.

He has vowed that all releases, with the exception of Under Prin, will henceforth be released in flash format with a delayed release on

What’s the Demonlord blowing a gasket about now? Flash releases? Is he crazy? Why should you care? Let me take a moment of your time and explain it to you. You should care.

Manga aggregate sites, particularly those owned by NOEZ make huge amounts of money off the mangakas, the publishers and the free labour of the scanlators through very unethical, unprofessional and dishonorable business practises. NOEZ uses bots to rip fresh manga releases that scores of people have spent weeks and months working on without regard for honouring delay periods, without abiding by scanlator requests to pull manga titles that publishers have purchased licenses for or even simply asking for scanlators’ permission for the releases first. The loving attention to detail and quality the mangkas and scanlators pour into their work is destroyed in mere moments when the manga aggregate sites start reducing image quality and slapping their watermarks willy-nilly all over the place as if they owned the work. NOEZ sites have even gone so far as to under-handedly promote themselves as the translators/scanlators in social media sites and engaging in DDoS with those who attempt to publicly express their discontent with NOEZ’s questionable ethics. Nice way to make a couple of bucks, right?

If you’re like me, you’re beginning to think: “Yeah, this is a crappy way to do business. But how are they getting away with it?” This where the uninformed, manga-hungry readers come in. There are millions of us – using their sites, purchasing their stuff and clicking through on their advertising. It all generates income into their pockets – not the mangakas, not the publishers and definitely not the scanlators. If manga aggregate sites are allowed to continue this way, the future of online, translated manga looks pretty grim. If you, the reader, don’t know about what NOEZ is doing, then you won’t know to make a change will you?

Hey! I’m not being melodramatic here – think about it a sec. If manga aggregate sites continue to treat the scanlators callously by ignoring tiny delay periods or ripping out our credit pages and recruitment page, scanlators will feel as if their work isn’t being appreciated and will cease operation. Already, scanlation teams have been having difficulty recruiting fresh team members and you have been noticing (and commenting) that the time between chapter releases is getting longer and longer. Which means you will have to wait until the publishers purchase licenses to distribute them in your country, and with the volume of manga I read that becomes an exceedingly expensive hobby.  I’d likely not make as many purchases which will, in turn, impact the mangakas too. Not to mention, you can kiss your less-than-mainstream titles good bye in foreign markets.

Let’s not forget the scanlators are playing in a grey zone here legally too. If the manga aggregate sites piss off the publishers by refusing to remove legally licensed titles, there may be legal repercussions to the scanlators that would likely involve the dissolution of the team. Not cool.

Okay, so you want to help but, like me, you’re lazy and you don’t want to put a whole lot of time or effort into your show of support. It’s okay – I get it and completely understand. Start off by never going back to the manga aggregate websites – please! I could send you all over the internet in search of your favourite titles at different scanlating websites, but I remember that you are lazy like me. You can find all of your favourite titles available for easy reading at the scanlator-friendly site Tell all your other manga-addicted junkies about NOEZ and batoto. Why do I like so much that I promote it over Cave Scans online reader? Because they have just about every manga title all in one, handy-dandy location, they display the manga as the scanlator uploaded it without adding or removing anything and has a stellar reputation of respecting the scanlator’s wishes. By all means, when you have a moment, visit your favourite scanlators’ web pages and say “Thanks” or even “Hi!” – that’ll give them the moral boost they need to keep going. Lastly, I know it’ll be hard, but try not to complain when the scanlator’s have to resort to releasing their titles in alternative formats. They aren’t doing it to piss their loyal readers off, but to save their work from the hell of NOEZ and maybe even the future of online manga!!


*climbing off the soap box now*

Wanna read more?  Check out:


It took an awfully long time (some readers maybe remember that we picked it up loooong ago) because we faced many obstacles. The previous korean translator we found left us before even starting his work (that was when still no one picked UP up when the previous scanlator stopped scanlating it) and not long afte that another scanltor picked it up (chikiscans, they already released some chapters so take a look!^^). We first thought about dropping it but we were already planning a german branch of CS and german releases of UP, so we decided we continue to work on UP. Not long after that we finally found a new translator (who also is a cleaner & typesetter!), a huge thanks to “OriginalityUnavailable” who made this release possible~ We’re using his english translations for the german releases as well. I also want to thank our cleaner Shorty for taking up the challenge to clean ch 55-58 (there were some annoying redraws) and poor Rexenik who’s suffering from a ‘dot-phobia’ now (the poor guy manually added the dots over the ö, ü and ä in the german releases…).

I highly doubt that we’ll catch up to the other scanlators releases that fast either way (most recent is ch 64) so in case you want to know what happens next, take  a look at their website!

Here are the first two chapter. You can find the english and german version together in one file~

Ch. 55: rar & zip

Ch. 56: rar & zip

Both chapters will also be uploaded on Batoto, if you prefer reading it there just wait a bit till the upload is done~


We’re still recruiting (near) all positions, especially japanese, chinese translators! And one korean to english or german translator for UP ch 1 onwards (for the german releases).

And here is the next chapter (and last one if we don’t have more typesetter who can get all the UP chapters which are waiting done asap, else it’ll take a while) of our anniversary releases! It’s also the first KnH chapter of the second volume which means we’re using our own RAWs from now on (cuz the first two chapters were already scanlated we used public RAWs for vol 1). Please refrain from uploading it on any aggregation website.

Our main jap. translator is in the middle of important exams so she’ll take a break for a whole month, which means the jap. releases will be a bit slower now. The next chapter release should either be HAL ch 3 or Kaijidou.

We’re still recruiting more member for the english and german branch and are especially in need of more translators (jap+chin+ger), cleaner and typesetter!


KnH downloads: rar file & zip file

Today we release HAL ch 02 and Yoiko no Kokoroe vol 02 ch 02, the next release will be a new Kirara no Hoshi.


HAL ch 02: rar & zip


Do you remember what today is?!

It’s a really special day…

It’s the Cave’s second anniversary!

Two whole years of glorious manga scanlated for our mutual enjoyment! Bliss!

The Cave Team has been working like demons, between crazy exam schedules and frenzied real life jobs to bring you a pile of new releases all week.

Watch out for: Bloodline Chapter 2, HAL Chapter 2, Kirara no Hoshi Volume 2 Chapter 1, Scratch Chapter 4, Yoiko no Kokoroe Volume 2 Chapter 2 to be released and a revised version of Wizardry Zeo Volume 2 Chapter 1!

Now, I’m off to find my party hat and slice of cake…




Time sure flies by…Oo” For me it feels as if only one year passed by but we’re already existing for two now! The group sure grew and we met many different people on our way (thanks to you all for making the releases possible). It was an enjoyable time and I hope this will continue for more years~

The whole staff worked hard to make this huge release possible (and is now completly exhausted and drained off their stamina) despite exams, work and many other obstacles.

Here are the first two chapters of our big release:

1. Bloodline ch 2

2. Scratch ch 4: rar or zip

We also uploaded the revised version of WZ (no changes on the text/story, only some typesetting changes), you’ll find the link on the WZ project page.



Today we don’t have any updates for you but we’ve an announcements which affects the group a lot!

As you can read in the title we’ve a new 2nd boss here at CS! Some of you maybe already noticed that Souls name was fewer and fewer on the credit pages but now he made the decision to step down on his former position (though he’ll still helps the group if we need him, like a superhero when you call him). His life got busier and busier (he’s going on a chinese highschool) and the time he could invest in CS related work was completly eaten up by it. And so our beloved little boss had to take that final step (don’t think he’ll disappear completly, he’s like a ghost and will appear again for sure!) and discussed it over with Estoriel. The primary question of course was who of our great members should succeed him

As always the decision (as long as it’s not a naming decision these two can decide things very fast!) didn’t take long and the poor victim…ehm…of course we mean the lucky person of our group was our piranha raising Tsukiko (who’s also good at abdcuting…ehm finding new members)!

Congratulations Tsukiko from the whole staff!!

Note: Because our 2nd anniversary is soon (next Wednesday) be ready for some releases as well!


Estoriel: Congratulations Tsuki on becoming our 2nd boss and don’t get buried by the new workload!!!>.<” *finally managed to reach the surface again after being buried for a long time* I still remember the day when you joined us (and I also still have your recruitment mail..XP) and it just seems some months ago though it’s already over a year now. Even after all that long time I still didn’t figure out how you actually manage to raise the piranhas and fight the CS workload at the same time! You’re a great person and I hope we’ll all stay together for an even longer time!^^b Though it’s sad that our poor little Soul is being kept so busy but I hope he’ll soon have more free time again and visit us often in our group chat (we all miss you there!!). Good luck on all of your exams Soul and please use your ghost abilities often and sneek up in our forum..XP It was a great, enjoyable, funny and honorable time working with you!

Tsukiko: I am so very flattered and honoured that my friends and peers here in the Cave have offered me this position as Second Boss. I’m at a loss really as to what I should say, except “Of course! Thank You!!”

It took me a couple of months to actually pluck up the nerve and send that fateful e-mail off to Estoriel in early March 2012, asking to join the team. All I had in my favour was a lot of experience proof reading and editing works written in English by speakers of other languages. I was actually quite worried that I would be of any use at all. I had no experience at all in the scanlating process, I had no reason to ever use file sharing sites or Photoshop before this, and I had rarely used Skype either. Thankfully, everyone in the Cave was super friendly and very willing to teach me everything I needed to know, and were very patient with me when I made mistakes.

I never anticipated, in my wildest dreams, that I would ever find myself acting as a Second Boss to a group of such dedicated and hard working people across the globe as I am now. This makes me happier than I can describe and I am very, very grateful for this chance.

It’s taken me more than 10 days to come down off cloud nine to put some coherent words on paper about taking over this position. Thank you to Estoriel and everyone in the Cave for this opportunity, guidance and friendship over the past year. Thank you especially to Soul for thinking of me as you move onward – you really are a king! Thank you to Techno, Silly and Circus for cutting me some slack at home to do this!It’s with all sincerity that I promise to do my best to live up to the expectations that you have entrusted with me.




I must confess: I forgot to attack the link to the download of the WZ color pages when we released the first chapter of vol 2.

So here they are!

The next release will be HAL ch 2 & Scratch ch 4, followed by KnH, YnK & Bloodline. We’ve also a bunch of Under Prin releases coming up (ch 55-58 in english and german) but we urgently need more typesetter to get them out as fast as possible! So if you’re interested please apply~