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Monthly Archives: April 2013

What’s the matter?! You’re looking a little blue and a little bored! Is it because it’s Monday? Do you have a daunting week ahead of you filled with tests, assignments, dead-lines and due-dates? Are you missing a little fun and excitement? It sounds like you have bad case ofReality-Sucksitis’ and I have just the cure for that! Enjoy this newest release of Wizardry Zeo available in two convenient (or maybe not so) painless delivery methods – reading it as a flash file on our website or check it out online at Batoto (after a day or two of delay).

Our creative and dedicated staff are overworked and tired so if you need faster, more diverse treatments, we suggest you check out our recruitment page. We are urgently seeking Chinese, Japanese and Korean to English translators, cleaners, re-drawers and typesetters for many different and exciting projects.

We have even opened a specialized branch for those poor and desperate people suffering from ‘Reality-Sucksitis’ in German. We are actively seeking English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean to German translators, typesetters and cleaners to help these under-served clients in dire straits.

The beginning of May will be Cave Scans second anniversary so keep an eye out for lots of great releases… whups, I mean treatments!!

Read the new chapter here


Because only a few people know about it, I thought it was time to spread the word about this dire situation more.

Right now inside the EU is a new law being discussed which allows the privatisation of water (the basis of life itself), which we as human beings shouldn’t accept and stand up to! Water should be a common good for everyone and not monopolised by huge company which could then set up the prices for (clear) water as high as they want. A good example for what can happen if water gets privatized is Portugal. This concerns all human beings, your family, friends and yourself! After all we all live by drinking water!

More information1

More information2

If you don’t want this to happen and want to stand up against it, please sign this petition:

And some  more depressing stuff, a new attempt of a law similar to SOPA/PIPA/ACTA: Indect! (yep, this time it has 5 letters instead of 4…)

The new manga we ordered arrived! This also means we’ll scanlate them definitely (after all we paid a lot for them a total of 60 USD!).

What we bought:

– Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu vol 1+2 (we can start working on it as soon as we either get a new translator or finish YnK)

– Ixion Saga ED vol 1 (we can start working on it as soon as we either get a new translator or finish YnK)

– 2nd volume of Satou-kun (btw the covers background is golden)


Look forward to them!^^b