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Today we bring you the 4th chapter of Kirara no Hoshi.

We’ve also purchased the RAWs of Ixion Saga ED and Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu (will be a joint with SYFS/PLS, they’re also eargerly awaiting them), they should arrive in some weeks. On this note we’re still recruiting more translators, please visit our recruitment page (or kidnap them, send them via express to the cave and even receive a gift!).

And to make it easier for you all to keep updated ith the releases, we made a twitter account~

The next release will be HAL ch 02, Satou-kun ch 03 and Kaijidou ch 01.

Download links: zip // rar

(This chapter will show up on Batoto in ca. 30 min after this post)



  1. Yes! A new chapter of KnH! Thank you so much for all the hard work.

    • It’s a funny manga worth working on. If we just would have more translators the releases would be faster.

  2. Thanks a bunch! keep up the good stuff

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