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Hi peeps!

You remember the New Years contest we started a while ago?
Maybe not.
I am incredibly surprised how few people participated though we have quite a number of readers.
But nevertheless lots of thanks to the contestants, that took their time to create some wonderful submissions!

Well well, the contest is over and I’d like to indroduce you the three top rated pieces of art!

The subject was “Year of the Snake”


is this one beautiful colored pencil picture of a mystical seeming white snake dancing over the surface of a water lilys’ pond. The creator is Circus.


is a felt pen drawing from Silly. The emerald green snake’s majestic appeareance fits great with the ( rather traditional chinese looking) designs that are building the frame of the picture. It looks like the belly is glowing to perform a ritual to provide this years luck for everyone! C:


winner is Neko with a digital piece showing a cute little Red Snake Anthro Girl, celebrating the New Years night with lanterns. With glowing bright red and golden colors in the dark, it really reminds you of a chinese festival.

With this I wish you all a great Year of Snakes, good luck and happy reading!


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