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Today we’ve some sad news from our friends over at the french group Michi no Yume who rescanlated Scratch!! They had to close down and there won’t be any more french releases of this Scratch!! by them. It’s very sad for the french readers but if another french scanlation group is interested to pick it up, you can contact us ay time.

And we’re still in need of more translators!! Especially japanese and korean (for the webcomic Under Prin) ones! Though it would also be helpful if you’re a good german to english translator (for HAL and some other project we do in secret). And we’re recruiting a redrawer (mainly for Wizardry Zeo, easier redraws will get done by our cleaners, so we’re looking for an experienced one).

We also wanted to share our progress on our projects with you all (and we found another proofreader who can help out our overworked lead proofer Tsukiko so we hope we get a lot of chapters out soon!):

Kaijidou: cleaned; proofing (half done)+typesetting
Kirara no Hoshi ch 4: proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 ch 2: proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 ch 3: cleaned; translating
YnK vol 2 extra/oneshot (comes after ch 03): cleaned; translating
WZ vol 2 ch 1: cleaning (only redraws left); proofing
WZ vol 2 ch 2: cleaning+translating
Satou-kun ch 3: proofing+typesetting
Satou-kun ch 4: cleaned; translating
Bloodline ch 2: proofing+typesetting
Bloodline ch 3: cleaned; translating


Joint projects:

Scratch!! ch 4: cleaning+translating
HAL ch 2: proofing+typesetting


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