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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Here’s the promised next chapter of Satou-kun!^^ Enjoy it~

And because of Easter we’ll make downloads available!

Download as zip or rar

Edit: As you could find out at the end of this “chapter” the release was a fake specially made for the 1st April, the second favourite day for our group to “release” something (right after Halloween). We hope you liked it a bit and aren’t too angry. Take it as a tiny preview of the actual chapter 4 (all pages are from this chapter)!^^


After a long time of waiting we finally bring you the 3rd chapter of Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu!

It’ll be up on Batoto as well in some days and the 4th chapter will be up on 1st April!^^b

We’re still in need of more translators and are also recruiting a redrawer for Wizardry Zeo so if you’re interested, please apply~

You can read the new chapter here

Today we bring you the 4th chapter of Kirara no Hoshi.

We’ve also purchased the RAWs of Ixion Saga ED and Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu (will be a joint with SYFS/PLS, they’re also eargerly awaiting them), they should arrive in some weeks. On this note we’re still recruiting more translators, please visit our recruitment page (or kidnap them, send them via express to the cave and even receive a gift!).

And to make it easier for you all to keep updated ith the releases, we made a twitter account~

The next release will be HAL ch 02, Satou-kun ch 03 and Kaijidou ch 01.

Download links: zip // rar

(This chapter will show up on Batoto in ca. 30 min after this post)

Hi peeps!

You remember the New Years contest we started a while ago?
Maybe not.
I am incredibly surprised how few people participated though we have quite a number of readers.
But nevertheless lots of thanks to the contestants, that took their time to create some wonderful submissions!

Well well, the contest is over and I’d like to indroduce you the three top rated pieces of art!

The subject was “Year of the Snake”


is this one beautiful colored pencil picture of a mystical seeming white snake dancing over the surface of a water lilys’ pond. The creator is Circus.


is a felt pen drawing from Silly. The emerald green snake’s majestic appeareance fits great with the ( rather traditional chinese looking) designs that are building the frame of the picture. It looks like the belly is glowing to perform a ritual to provide this years luck for everyone! C:


winner is Neko with a digital piece showing a cute little Red Snake Anthro Girl, celebrating the New Years night with lanterns. With glowing bright red and golden colors in the dark, it really reminds you of a chinese festival.

With this I wish you all a great Year of Snakes, good luck and happy reading!

Today we’ve some sad news from our friends over at the french group Michi no Yume who rescanlated Scratch!! They had to close down and there won’t be any more french releases of this Scratch!! by them. It’s very sad for the french readers but if another french scanlation group is interested to pick it up, you can contact us ay time.

And we’re still in need of more translators!! Especially japanese and korean (for the webcomic Under Prin) ones! Though it would also be helpful if you’re a good german to english translator (for HAL and some other project we do in secret). And we’re recruiting a redrawer (mainly for Wizardry Zeo, easier redraws will get done by our cleaners, so we’re looking for an experienced one).

We also wanted to share our progress on our projects with you all (and we found another proofreader who can help out our overworked lead proofer Tsukiko so we hope we get a lot of chapters out soon!):

Kaijidou: cleaned; proofing (half done)+typesetting
Kirara no Hoshi ch 4: proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 ch 2: proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 ch 3: cleaned; translating
YnK vol 2 extra/oneshot (comes after ch 03): cleaned; translating
WZ vol 2 ch 1: cleaning (only redraws left); proofing
WZ vol 2 ch 2: cleaning+translating
Satou-kun ch 3: proofing+typesetting
Satou-kun ch 4: cleaned; translating
Bloodline ch 2: proofing+typesetting
Bloodline ch 3: cleaned; translating


Joint projects:

Scratch!! ch 4: cleaning+translating
HAL ch 2: proofing+typesetting