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No new updates or releases yet, but we’ve got some good news for you!

First, we’re starting with a  new project called HAL. (It can be translated very quickly, but we could use help cleaning it!)  We originally didn’t wanted to start it this early to avoid extra work for our cleaners but we got some extra help from our Spanish friends from SYFS! Now, on to some other good news unrelated to our group: Tokypop is back, just in case you didn’t see the news on mangaupdates or elsewhere! Here’s a link with some more information for your perusal: They also mentioned the German office of Tokypop which made some of our staff members wonder if  maybe they’ll even publish some German-made mangas too, like Grimms Manga. MU has recently changed the status of Grimms Manga to LICENSED but there aren’t any printed English copies to be had anywhere – and we know because many of us have looked for it! Can you tell our staff really likes this manga?? We’re crossing our fingers and toes in hopes that it will be released in English sometime soon!

You thought the good news ends here? Nope! Here’s some more: You can now download a legal version of Photoshop CS 2 from Adobe including a serial number!!! Can you believe it?! We thought you’d like it as well, so here’s the link!

We just had to share all this good news you! Now, onto some of our website stats – we hope you find them as interesting and surprising as we did!



We had 34.000 visitors, the most visitors (1.064) were online on September 11.
Most visited pages:
1 Projects
2 Infinity Game
3 Yoiko no Kokoroe
4 Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu
5 Wizardry Zeo (<–thought it would be higher up)

How did they find us?
The websites which brought the most people to ours were:
Most visitors came via a search engine with following search terms: cave scanlations, satou-kun no juunan seikatsu, cavescans, yoiko no kokoroe, cave scans.

Where do they came from?
We had visitors from 116 countries!
Most came from the USA, Germany and Canada.

The article with the moost comments was YnK ch 3 release. Likely because it was when we started with the flash releases.

Top 12 visitor countries:
1. United States
2. Germany
3. Canada
4. France
5. Ukraine
6. Indonesia
7. United Kingdom
8. China
9. Australia
10. Malaysia
11. Russian Federation
12. Sweden

Browser used:
Firefox 46 %
Chrome 25 %
MSIE 16 %
Opera 6 %
Safari 4 %
Other 3 %

Don’t forget about the Chinese New Year inspired art contest that we have running – check out the post from December 14, 2012 for all the details.  Contest closes February 28th so get those submissions in!

Estoriel & Tsukiko


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