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We wish you all a Happy New Year!

Sadly we don’t have any releases but they’ll follow soon. Our full staff was busy with rl, but we’re slowly back at our normal working speed.

Here’s an overview on our progress on all projects:

Kaijidou: cleaning (2/3 done)+translating <– due to the longer absence of our japanese translators we put the priority behind the other projects
Kirara no Hoshi ch 4: cleaning (nearly done); proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 ch 2: cleaned; proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 extra/oneshot: cleaned; translating
WZ vol 2 ch 1: cleaning (over half is done)+translating <–the chapters are long so it takes some time
Satou-kun ch 3: cleaning+translating
Bloodline ch 1: cleaned; translating (only 5 pages left)+proofing; typesetting
Bloodline ch 2: cleaning+translating

Joint Project Scratch!! ch 2: completly translated and proofed; waiting for SYFS/PLS cleans

If you want to speed up the progress, you can help us by applying (or find people e.g. friends to kidnap and drag them to us)! ;)

We’re especially in need of more translators (mainly japanese) and cleaner. We’ve one project (it’s called HAL by Makino Aoi) we could finish off VERY fast (translations can be finished in a few days and it’s only one volume), but we don’t want to overburden our cleaner with an additional project to clean. So if you’re interested please apply! Even if you only want to stay till this project is finished and don’t want to clean anything else you’re very welcome here.

More informations on HAL can be found here.


First CS art contest (chinese New Year)


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