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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Do you miss the antics of Long Wei and Hai An from Infinity Game yet? If you’re missing them as much as we were, then you’re gonna love Bloodline! It seems like a few of our favourite characters from Infinity Game have made some guest appearances in this chapter as we are introduced to a pile of new ones. And who doesn’t like a good Vampire story?! Everyone has worked so hard around their insane exam schedules and crazy work demands but we have persevered and now the first chapter’s all ready for you to enjoy!

Bloodline Volume 1 Chapter 1


Do you want your new Bloodline fix to come a little faster? We’re always looking for some help! We are always in need of typesetters and maybe a another proof reader too.

Don’t forget the art contest deadline is fast approaching! Send in your original pieces of work celebrating the dawning of the year of the Water Snake and Chinese New Year before February 28th, 2013! Check out our post from December 14th all the fun details!


No new updates or releases yet, but we’ve got some good news for you!

First, we’re starting with a  new project called HAL. (It can be translated very quickly, but we could use help cleaning it!)  We originally didn’t wanted to start it this early to avoid extra work for our cleaners but we got some extra help from our Spanish friends from SYFS! Now, on to some other good news unrelated to our group: Tokypop is back, just in case you didn’t see the news on mangaupdates or elsewhere! Here’s a link with some more information for your perusal: They also mentioned the German office of Tokypop which made some of our staff members wonder if  maybe they’ll even publish some German-made mangas too, like Grimms Manga. MU has recently changed the status of Grimms Manga to LICENSED but there aren’t any printed English copies to be had anywhere – and we know because many of us have looked for it! Can you tell our staff really likes this manga?? We’re crossing our fingers and toes in hopes that it will be released in English sometime soon!

You thought the good news ends here? Nope! Here’s some more: You can now download a legal version of Photoshop CS 2 from Adobe including a serial number!!! Can you believe it?! We thought you’d like it as well, so here’s the link!

We just had to share all this good news you! Now, onto some of our website stats – we hope you find them as interesting and surprising as we did!



We had 34.000 visitors, the most visitors (1.064) were online on September 11.
Most visited pages:
1 Projects
2 Infinity Game
3 Yoiko no Kokoroe
4 Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu
5 Wizardry Zeo (<–thought it would be higher up)

How did they find us?
The websites which brought the most people to ours were:
Most visitors came via a search engine with following search terms: cave scanlations, satou-kun no juunan seikatsu, cavescans, yoiko no kokoroe, cave scans.

Where do they came from?
We had visitors from 116 countries!
Most came from the USA, Germany and Canada.

The article with the moost comments was YnK ch 3 release. Likely because it was when we started with the flash releases.

Top 12 visitor countries:
1. United States
2. Germany
3. Canada
4. France
5. Ukraine
6. Indonesia
7. United Kingdom
8. China
9. Australia
10. Malaysia
11. Russian Federation
12. Sweden

Browser used:
Firefox 46 %
Chrome 25 %
MSIE 16 %
Opera 6 %
Safari 4 %
Other 3 %

Don’t forget about the Chinese New Year inspired art contest that we have running – check out the post from December 14, 2012 for all the details.  Contest closes February 28th so get those submissions in!

Estoriel & Tsukiko

Not long after I posted our progress we received the cleans from PLS of Scratch!! ch 2~

So we went right at work and got the chapter one in a few hours, scanproofed it, sent it back to PDL and here’s the release! Enjoy reading~

Download as zip & rar

And we’re still recruiting! *all positions are open, even the proofreader one!*

We wish you all a Happy New Year!

Sadly we don’t have any releases but they’ll follow soon. Our full staff was busy with rl, but we’re slowly back at our normal working speed.

Here’s an overview on our progress on all projects:

Kaijidou: cleaning (2/3 done)+translating <– due to the longer absence of our japanese translators we put the priority behind the other projects
Kirara no Hoshi ch 4: cleaning (nearly done); proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 ch 2: cleaned; proofing+typesetting
YnK vol 2 extra/oneshot: cleaned; translating
WZ vol 2 ch 1: cleaning (over half is done)+translating <–the chapters are long so it takes some time
Satou-kun ch 3: cleaning+translating
Bloodline ch 1: cleaned; translating (only 5 pages left)+proofing; typesetting
Bloodline ch 2: cleaning+translating

Joint Project Scratch!! ch 2: completly translated and proofed; waiting for SYFS/PLS cleans

If you want to speed up the progress, you can help us by applying (or find people e.g. friends to kidnap and drag them to us)! ;)

We’re especially in need of more translators (mainly japanese) and cleaner. We’ve one project (it’s called HAL by Makino Aoi) we could finish off VERY fast (translations can be finished in a few days and it’s only one volume), but we don’t want to overburden our cleaner with an additional project to clean. So if you’re interested please apply! Even if you only want to stay till this project is finished and don’t want to clean anything else you’re very welcome here.

More informations on HAL can be found here.


First CS art contest (chinese New Year)