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Yes, as you read above! This is the last chapter of Infinity Game vol 2 and the “IG” series ends here, but there’s something we didn’t told you yet (yeah, we can be mean, I know but we didn’t wanted to spoil it…XD). Infinity Game is the prequel of the Bloodline series! Because only our RAW provider knows (right now..the staff is eagerly at it to find it out) if the Infinity Game characters appear and questions which are still open in Infinity Game will be answered, I can only give you the information that at least their names appear in chapter 1 of Bloodline. Well, it was a lot of fun working on Infinity Game and our members are looking forward to the storyline of Bloodline. And don’t forget about our Art Contest~

With that being said, enjoy the last chapter (extra chapter) of IG!

P.s.: We’re still recruiting and are in need of more translators (especially japanese ones)!

IG vol 2 extra chap

Edit: Some pages were disordered, it’s fixed now.





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